Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Scars that bring forth mostly tears,
Blood and gore along with fears
Run your finger over them
For your life there is no plan.

Now the scars begin to heal
A tiring process that is unreal
But you reopen the scars again
Just to feel the wrenching pain.

Is there anything wrong with me?
Was I really meant to be?
Questions through your head they run
Screaming your name -- they're having fun.

My life is but a bloody mess
Am I worth the time? Confess!
The pain is but a very small hurdle
Blood splattered on the ground curdles.

Ice-cold hearts that turn away
And you resolve to die today
But your hand trembles, lying to you,
Come on, it says, get it through.

But right before the knife goes in
You hear an ear-piercing scream
It's your mother -- she says "No!"
But it's too late -- your time to go.

A funeral held in your death
A sad sharp knife, now in its sheath
Lies beside you as people cry
It's what you wanted -- that's no lie.

Is the pain really worth stopping?
Your life out of others worth cropping?
Maybe yes, maybe no.
It's too late -- your time to go.

Happy Leap Year

Happy Leap Year to thee!
It only comes one plus three.
It is a day, so rare and bright;
So have a joy, take off in flight!
It is the day to dance and sing!
So act as wealthy as a king,
For wealth you have of life and friends
Take this time with them to spend
Have a joy on this rare day
Sing and laugh the time away
My friends, so great, so dear,
Have a Happy Leap Year


From the heart
Is the start
To a revelation

From the soul
Is a whole
Other story

Is to reach
And to teach
Some other being

And rethink
And you'll link
All three together

Monday, 27 February 2012

Art is the weapon

Art is the weapon!
Your own definition,
Your own inspiration
of this goddamed world.

Art is the weapon!
Imagine ammunition,
Imagine revolution
In this goddamed world.

Art is the weapon!
A free intepritation,
A free reincarnation
of this goddamed world.

Art is the weapon!
A major contribution,
An anarchic notion
In this goddamed world.

Art is your emotion,
It belongs to only you,
And your imagination
Takes the goddamed wheel.

The girl

Little girl, little girl, why are you crying?
Inside your little heart, something is dying.
Little girl, little girl, keep pouring out tears,
Stretch out your hand but still drown in your fears.
Little girl, little girl, why are you ignored?
Everyone's forsaken you , including the lord.
Little girl, little girl, keep a long fringe,
At the shouts in the room you help lessly cringe.
Little girl, little girl, why can't you sleep?
The moonlight smiles sadly just as you weep.
Teenage girl, teenage girl, how much you've grown?
How fast the years gone by have flown.
Teenage girl, teenage girl, where is your smile?
It only comes when you've bled past a mile.
Teenage girl, teenage girl, your parents are dead!
You smile so slow as it enters your head.
Teenage girl, teenage girl, what's with the knife?
Blood stains your hands as you destroy your own life.

Friday, 24 February 2012

This Wish I Wish Tonight

Star light,
Star bright,
I wish I may,
I wish I might,
Have this wish
I wish tonight

Mayest thou, so high above,
Watch upon my friends with love.
Please, oh Star, so bright, so tall
Carest thou for each and all!
Grant, thou, me this wish of mine-
Show to all my friends a sign!
A sign, dear Star, a gift from thee
Of thou Creator's caring deeds.
I wish tonight, great Star above,
For all to see His lasting love!
Grant, thou, me this wish of mine,
Grant, thou, me, dear Star divine
This wish I wish tonight.

Give inner rest to all my friends,
Help their fears and wounds to mend.
Carest, thou,  for all and each,
Send God's hands to heal and teach.
Keep their hearts from harm and hurt
Wipe their eyes of tears and dirt
Please, oh Star, so bright above
Consider all my friends with love!
Great, thou art, and full of might
So, please, keep all their dreams from fright.
Give lasting peace and precious grace,
Oh, Star of light, show to them thine Master's face.
I beg of thee, grant, thou, me this wish of mine
Grant thou me, dear Star divine,
This wish I wish tonight.

Be Creative

Creativity is

Is elation

So don't
Or prostration!
in neat

Grab a pen,
Then again,
Perhaps a pencil,
Maybe coal-
Black as night,
It might feel right

Make an image,
Draw a scrimmage

Tell a story,
Make it gory
Give it life
Or give it strife!

Make some art
From your heart

Conjure magic
With some antic

Be creative
Make them captive

You go an do your thing.
Be amazing!

You can, I know,
So have a go!


This could be sung, or simply read.

Every time I try,
to look you in the eye,
you turn away from me,
so you can't see,
the love in my eyes,

How many times I've tried,
to show you how I feel inside,
but you simply ignore the things I show,
and so you'll never know,
that I love you,

How I feel,
deep inside of my heart,
the pain that I feel,
whenever we're apart,
but you show no sign of comprehending,
so my suffering is neverending,

I long for you to catch my eye,
to stop and smile as you walk by,
to open up your heart to me,
and then it is that you would see,
I love you,

Together, forever,
how I long,
for you to, hear my voice,
hear my heart's song,
my heart has been stolen,
to you, it belongs,
for you to not see me, is simply wrong,


Monday, 20 February 2012


Inside of me
Inside of me there's a stranger
A danger

Tearing down
Tearing down all the best of me
The rest of me

I won't back down
I won't back down 'cause then she'll win
That beast within

And take it all
And take it all away from me
My perfect joy

She argues
She argues and her point is strong
And mine is feeble

A sudden strength
A sudden strength floods through me
And I stand again

I get back up
I get back up upon my feet
And she cowers

She is scared
She is scared of my new found strength
The stranger inside

A force so strong
A force so strong I can't deny
It wins the battle

And all is well
And all is well and she's asleep

Until the next time, Stranger.

Friday, 17 February 2012


With a swoosh of my hand and some gliding of pen,
I sit in my class, full of chagrin.
What appeared on my page was awful, indeed!
'Twasn't even close to the gentleman's deed!
I was doodling, see, whilst listening attentively to my class history,
And attempting to draw a young man, thin and tall.
But there on the page, instead of the lad,
Were some squiggly lines, broken and sad.
So with a ponderous mutter and a stroke of my beard,
I suddenly realized the fact I had feared:
My drawing was lost, the poor thing deceased!
It's short-lived life had suddenly ceased.
So with a glance at my teacher and a deep-furrowed brow
I regretted my artwork being utterly foul,
But I looked down again and turned it around,
Suddenly realizing it was sort of profound!
If you turn it about and peer at it there,
You suddenly see it if I add a line here:
Before your own eyes, a hand claps another!
Perhaps, indeed, it's the boy and his lover!
With a clap of my palms, I glance up again,
To have unexpectedly fade my joy-ridden grin.
For my teacher has paused, his eyes at me glaring
Everyone else is frozen and staring.
I quietly chuckle, in my seat I do slump.
No sound can be heard, not even a bump.
Well, I regretfully say, harsh punishment I get,
But seeing my drawing, 'twas worth every bit!
Forever now clasped, a hand in a hand,
Is the boy and his lover, a wedding is planned!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


I look at you and you return a glance
I could have sworn I've seen you here before
I look at you, you look back quizzically
It seems you recognize my face as well

I go through memories that time forgot
Remember things I've sworn that I'd erase
The pain it brings me hits me with a blow
I look up and the tear fill up my eyes

It's happiness that brought the tears back up
For in my saddest time there was a friend
Who helped me gat back up upon my feet
But then she dissappeared without a trace

And now as I look up she's gone again
She's left and vanished like a wisp of smoke
I've not a clue to why she's evasive
But this poem is one of gratitude.

My Needing Love

Oh, you beautiful Goddess,
Your name as sweet as honey,
This is what I did,
Without any money.

I knelt on a knee,
Sure she'd say no,
I waited a while,
She must've been dancing in snow.

But then she said, "Yes!"
For all to see,
We squealed and we yayed,
Even though I was still on a knee.

I was so happy,
I smiled and laughed,
And then something happened,
It was as if we were on a raft.

Just the two of us,
In PC,
We ran through the forest,
And kissed...

We ran and ran,
And ran some more,
We sat together,
Told stories of lore.

Oh, my Skyril,
I love you so,
I can't wait to wed you,
Hopefully you won't say no!

This is a poem,
For all the read,
That I love Skyril,
As if it were a need.

You know that band.

Sorry guys, I haven't been on here in quite a while, but here's a poem, and to all killjoys!

You know that band?
The one with the guitar god who doesn’t seem to get enough recognition most the time?
The one with the amazing bass player with the awkward knees and a good heart?
The one with the rhythm guitarist whose laughter lights up a room?
The one with the lead vocalist who puts everything he’s got into every performance?
You know the band.
The band whose lead singer was drunk for 3 straight years, and got clean in 17 days?
The band whose bass player had a mental breakdown, and still returned to record the rest of an album?
The band whose rhythm guitarist once played a show hooked up to an oxygen tank?
The band whose lead guitarist had to watch his best friends go through this and try to hold the band together at the same time?
You know that band.
My Chemical Romance.
The social rejects from New Jersey who wanted to make a difference, make some music, and maybe lower the suicide rate.
The ones who have to put up with labels that can be as small as “dark” or as extreme as “suicide cult”.
My Chemical Romance is:
Gerard Way
Frank Iero
Mikey Way
Ray Toro
They inspire me to try as hard as I can every day.
They’ve proven to me that you shouldn’t care what other people think of you as long as you like yourself, and that you should always love yourself, because you’re absolutely drop dead gorgeous.
They’ve made me realize that nothing is worth hurting yourself over, and nothing is ever worth taking your life for.
They encourage me to keep on living.
I love you guys…. Forever…

Sunday, 12 February 2012

You are Lovely and Grand

My dear, Gep,
A short letter, my friend
You're great, you're powerful
You have no idea how lovely you are.
You're wonderful, clever, full of ideas.
Perhaps sometimes a bit blunt, but that, indeed
Is more needed than many do see.
Don't crumble or fall!
Have fun and stand tall,
For you, it's true, have good reason to stand!
You, my dear friend,
Are lovely and grand.
Oh, Gepard Valk, what a fun companion are you!
Any who knows you is lucky! No jest!
You're wonderful, it's true.
This, can no harder be stressed:
My dear, Gep,
We who met you are undoubtedly blessed.

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Brick by brick I fall,
An old, good-for-nothing building,
Not nice to look at anymore,
Just there to take up space.

You knock me down,
As if I am nothing,
Then pick me back up,
Filling me with warmth.

I hate you,
Because you've left me,
I love you,
Because you stay in my heart.

My bricks are gone,
I'm just some piece of stone,
Crumbling, bit by bit,
Crumbling, until there's nothing left.

You're Gone

What was it you said?
That you'd stay,
That you wouldn't leave,
That you'd help.

Yet where are you?
I do not see you anywhere,
Not even in my head anymore,
Not even in my thoughts.

How can this be?
That our friendship is still strong,
Even though I may hate you,
For you've left me alone in this cruel world.

You lied.
You lied to me about everything,
You lied to me you'd stay,
You lied to me you loved me,
You lied to me. 

 Well, now I say, "ENOUGH!"
Enough of this bullshit,
Enough of this stress!
I'm sick of it all, just give it a rest!

I can't wait any longer,
It's tearing me apart,
Us not being close,
It just needs to end...

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

When We Were Young.

Remember, Remember,
When we were young,
The birds just chirping,
The sun shining,

As we played,
Down by the lake,
Where the fishes jumped,
And the water splayed,

As we jumped in and screamed,
Of the cold, if nothing else,
Then we were out and dried,
Towards the trees, we ran,

And into the leaves we jumped,
On a warm Summer's eve,
Oh, just remember, Remember,
When we were young.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


It's you and me against the Universe,
The laws of Time and Space pull us apart.
Some people think that it could not be worse,
And in my head I laugh and prove them wrong.

Not only could it be a whole lot worse,
It really couldn't be all that much better.
Some people say the distance is a curse,
That is true but we can overcome it.

The bad is always countered with the good,
For us the good surpasses all the bad.
I do not want to sleep although I should,
When you're awake I'd rather be so too.

I smile and laugh out loud at memories,
I'm high for hours after out goodbyes,
I wouldn't have then any differently.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Silence and the Bests

So deep,
So still.
For all who sleeps,
So calm...
So creeps
The little beasts
Within the dark
For she who sleeps
Of little beasts

They'll slither past
Or patter by
So very sly
Without a cry.
Their time is here-
Now, in dark
While sleeps in silence
Of little beasts

She, ev'r cautious
Still they slink
And she in sleep
Knows not a bit
As when they creep
Those ever clever
Little beasts

Silence seems...
So sweet,
So still
But in the dark
As oft' she sleeps
Pitter patter
The feet
The claws
The chattering teeth
Of little beasts

Murky cowls
Some hide behind
Smothering fearful
Snarls and sneers.
The silent creepers;
The little beasts.

Careful I bid,
For darkness falls
And silence comes
Then, all who sleeps,
In danger leaps
Of the little beasts

Seditious creatures
Are the beasts
Waiting and watching
When towns sleep
Children snugly cuddled in bed
Animals resting in the shed
All of them,
Of little beasts

They'll snatch a child
Devour a sheep
Deep in darkness
No soul to see
Then slink away,
completely free.
When morning comes,
Indeed, no sign of beast to be,
But, tomorrow night,
The prowl begins again
Of little beasts.

A warning, friend:
Arrive the time
For you to sleep,
As darkness falls,
When silence comes,
So true, do too
The beasts.

Sonnet of Inspiration

I know that writing isn't what I do,
It's something that I fail at every turn,
And though the problem's really nothing new,
It strikes me now how much these poems burn,

I'll try to view this in a different light,
'Cause you say I have talent of a sort,
I realise now that really, you are right,
And writing's easier than I had thought,

You are my inspiration now, alone,
I would have written nothing, not a line,
And now a palace, like a tree, has grown,
Amidst my mess of thoughts, that buzz and whine,

Now it is done, this not so epic feat,
I love you, and the poem is complete.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Friendly Death

I chatted with death once
He was standing around
Grim and blunt
Very to the point
With his scythe sticking out
As he just turned about
Not a smile in sight
On Death's high cheek bones
He nods then drones
In'a grim, grim, mode
As Death, indeed is
Very like
"How are you?
Feeling unwell?"
"Not quite..."
I replied
"No sounds of bells?"
"Indeed not"
"Ah" he muttered
"One can always hope for the suffered"
And off with a swoof
His black cape spinning
He disappeared in a poof
Dear friend Death
Never ever grinning

Friday, 3 February 2012


I read about death once
Lying around
Lifeless and gone
Bleeding out...
Cold to the bone
Would be shivering...
Were they not so very cold
But they were
I thought it might
Not be...
So very bad..
Laying there..
A lily pad floating by
So very spry in spring
Might be good
Of course,
How could...
I even do that..
When I have such lovely friends?
Not all are lovely
But some indeed
Vibrant and wonderful
And none of the lovely
ever shun the bad
Indeed, all're well read
And, of course very fun
No, I shan't go
I couldn't go
Leaving behind all my lovely friends
Death will have to wait
For the arrow from the bow
Or the crew of the crow
And the cold, cold snow
To come and go
And take me home
Along time away,
For a long time ago
One cold day away
He died for me
And I will be
There, but far away
When the crow crews
And the snow falls
And the arrow flies
I'll be there.

Just not quite yet