Monday, 20 February 2012


Inside of me
Inside of me there's a stranger
A danger

Tearing down
Tearing down all the best of me
The rest of me

I won't back down
I won't back down 'cause then she'll win
That beast within

And take it all
And take it all away from me
My perfect joy

She argues
She argues and her point is strong
And mine is feeble

A sudden strength
A sudden strength floods through me
And I stand again

I get back up
I get back up upon my feet
And she cowers

She is scared
She is scared of my new found strength
The stranger inside

A force so strong
A force so strong I can't deny
It wins the battle

And all is well
And all is well and she's asleep

Until the next time, Stranger.


  1. I am going to print this out and stick it on my wall next to
    "The Road Not Taken".

  2. Woah. Thanks so much JMB! I'm really flattered, seriously. Thank you! :)

    Glad you like it Sky! I was actually pretty inspired by your writing style. I love the way you write, I really do. *huggies* Thankyou!