Monday, 6 February 2012

Silence and the Bests

So deep,
So still.
For all who sleeps,
So calm...
So creeps
The little beasts
Within the dark
For she who sleeps
Of little beasts

They'll slither past
Or patter by
So very sly
Without a cry.
Their time is here-
Now, in dark
While sleeps in silence
Of little beasts

She, ev'r cautious
Still they slink
And she in sleep
Knows not a bit
As when they creep
Those ever clever
Little beasts

Silence seems...
So sweet,
So still
But in the dark
As oft' she sleeps
Pitter patter
The feet
The claws
The chattering teeth
Of little beasts

Murky cowls
Some hide behind
Smothering fearful
Snarls and sneers.
The silent creepers;
The little beasts.

Careful I bid,
For darkness falls
And silence comes
Then, all who sleeps,
In danger leaps
Of the little beasts

Seditious creatures
Are the beasts
Waiting and watching
When towns sleep
Children snugly cuddled in bed
Animals resting in the shed
All of them,
Of little beasts

They'll snatch a child
Devour a sheep
Deep in darkness
No soul to see
Then slink away,
completely free.
When morning comes,
Indeed, no sign of beast to be,
But, tomorrow night,
The prowl begins again
Of little beasts.

A warning, friend:
Arrive the time
For you to sleep,
As darkness falls,
When silence comes,
So true, do too
The beasts.


  1. LOL Delightful and creepy and shiver me timbers! *shudders*
    fantastic poem Skyril! Love the w ay it is written! SO BRILLIANT! *hugs*

  2. I wish I was here then. I saw your terrible, beautiful poems just about as soon as they were posted, but it was on my mom's old phone, and I can hardly do anything with it but read. Even that is messing up sometimes. ~sigh~
    ~hugs wherever Geppy is~