Friday, 24 February 2012


This could be sung, or simply read.

Every time I try,
to look you in the eye,
you turn away from me,
so you can't see,
the love in my eyes,

How many times I've tried,
to show you how I feel inside,
but you simply ignore the things I show,
and so you'll never know,
that I love you,

How I feel,
deep inside of my heart,
the pain that I feel,
whenever we're apart,
but you show no sign of comprehending,
so my suffering is neverending,

I long for you to catch my eye,
to stop and smile as you walk by,
to open up your heart to me,
and then it is that you would see,
I love you,

Together, forever,
how I long,
for you to, hear my voice,
hear my heart's song,
my heart has been stolen,
to you, it belongs,
for you to not see me, is simply wrong,



  1. ~Hugs Chan~
    That was amazing, Chan! You write such beautiful and meaningful poetry.
    Hey, whoever it is, tell her. She might be afraid to take the first step. That's my suggestion, but you do what you think feels right.
    Love the poem :]

  2. *hugs*
    I like this poem a lot. You've just managed to capture how someone feels when they've had a crush on someone for a while.
    Also, take it from someone who took the first step in a relationship, just tell her. Even if you don't have the guts to do it face to face, or you just can't get a minute alone with her, say it through a text, or facebook. You're awesome, and she'd better see it :)

  3. Thanks Skyril, thanks Red, *hugs back both*, I shall take your advice, see you on xat!

  4. *hugs Chan*
    Good to read something from you again.
    Such a beautiful heart wrenching poem! I love it! I like what both Red and Skyril had to say.
    You are an incredible guy! Any girl would be lucky and honored to have your heart!