Monday, 27 February 2012

The girl

Little girl, little girl, why are you crying?
Inside your little heart, something is dying.
Little girl, little girl, keep pouring out tears,
Stretch out your hand but still drown in your fears.
Little girl, little girl, why are you ignored?
Everyone's forsaken you , including the lord.
Little girl, little girl, keep a long fringe,
At the shouts in the room you help lessly cringe.
Little girl, little girl, why can't you sleep?
The moonlight smiles sadly just as you weep.
Teenage girl, teenage girl, how much you've grown?
How fast the years gone by have flown.
Teenage girl, teenage girl, where is your smile?
It only comes when you've bled past a mile.
Teenage girl, teenage girl, your parents are dead!
You smile so slow as it enters your head.
Teenage girl, teenage girl, what's with the knife?
Blood stains your hands as you destroy your own life.


  1. Woah. BB, this is intense. Your writing is so mesmerizingly horrifying. I love the way this poem's written, and I'm so glad you're writing! *hugs*

    If you need to talk about anything at all, fb me.

  2. Wow ~shivers~ That was terrifying and horribly sad and incredibly well-written. ~hugs BB~