Wednesday, 28 September 2011

In case of emergency

In case of emergency, pull this handle,
Out of the roof, people do scramble,
In case of emergency, smash with this hammer,
Out of the window, people do clamber,
In case of emergency, push that red button,
Out of the bus, people explode.

In case of emergency, pull the red toggle,
Out of the sky, people do fall,
In case of emergency, prepare for a jolt,
Out of the plane, people do vault,
In case of emergency, push that red button,
Out of the plane, people explode.

In case of emergency, try to find shelter,
Out of the supermarket, people run helter-skelter,
In case of emergency, hide underground,
Out of the sea, people crawl, half-drowned,
In case of emergency, push that red button,
Out of their houses, people explode.

In case of emergency, push that red button,
To set off a nuke, push that red button,
To destroy the world, push that red button,
To kill everyone, push that red button,
In case of emergency,
Don't pay any attention to me!


From good to bad from bad to good,
We don't always do what we should,
When fair is foul and foul is fair,
Should we behave with grace and air?
Or burn up in a ball of fire,
Of villainy, we never tire,
The world could be ours,
The limit is the stars,
We'd wreak havoc across the streets,
Terrify all those we meet,
But without good, bad is surplus,
Yin without yan, drifting without purpose,
With the good guy gone, we'd be forgotten,
Lose all the power that we'd gotten,
So bad gets captured, waits patiently,
Until good's back is turned, you see
While good is still around,
bad stays safe and sound,
For if good were to die,
The villain would just simply sigh,
And turn and walk away,
Until another day,
When good would rise,
And Surprise,
The villain who in disguise,
Would terrorise,
The people of the city,
His comments fast and witty,
And he would fight once more,
The hero, who all would adore,
The epic battle, of good and bad,
The bad guy's days are never sad.

Murderer's instinct

The first time your eyes were wide
A knife, into your victim’s side
He gasps, wheezes and splutters
And he falls, closing the soul’s shutters.
It was anger, you think, and revenge.
Your father’s death you wanted to avenge.
Cherry-red blood drips from your hands
A stained story you just can’t bend
A death, in the memory of a dead man
Hurrying out, blood soaks into the land
Sacrificial as a lamb on the altar
A satisfied feeling is what you were after.
A period to a life, a full stop to a comma
Unable to answer, say only “Sorta.”
A murderer’s instinct takes over your mind
You just can’t leave your killing behind
Eyes go wide, adrenaline pumps
A chopper cuts his body into bloody lumps
Stuff it in the freezer, wash the floor,
Rub your hands with soap and go out the door
Stare at freedom, taste it so sweet
The blood on your shirt will stain the white fleet
A record runs, the ballad of a dove
Sweet, sad, and feeling as love
But your heart is empty, and you sit crying.
For attention, everything is vying.
A voice nags at you at the back of your head.
Your father, it says. I’m back from the dead.
I’m coming to get you even when you run
I’ll let you live just for some fun.
I’m no longer in the body in the freezer
You shouldn’t struggle, it won’t be easier.
Your body is not your own, your mind is wild
A paddling pool, a warning seemingly mild
Blood bubbles from hose and soaks to the ground
Stumble back and trip over a mound
Pick yourself up and run to the gate
But jealous grass snags at your fate
Weeds and vines drag you back
For some wild reason they go slack
Your house transforms to a horrible face
It’s door, a mouth with teeth like a mace
It’s windows, eyes that shriek their rage
Incoherent thoughts fly around the page
Your house swallows you, a murderer’s instinct,
All that’s left is now spirits, extinct,
Your father caresses your face tender
And in fear, you feel your throat whimper
Nothing’s going to stop me now.
To fate and justice this act won’t bow.
A murderer’s instinct, it runs in the family
Licking up blood peacefully, happily.
A father and daughter lie dead on the floor
Final destination number four.

The devil's soul

(Poet's note: In case anyone thinks this is a spoiler for Death Bringer, it is NOT. I repeat, it is NOT. I haven't read the damn thing, so how could I release spoilers?)

Through the darkness, through the night
Running, running from the light
The wind’s whisper snatches away
The ends of your coat rapidly fray.
Time speeds on and skin colour fades
From healthy pink to tasteless beige.
Conspiracies around the corner
A random shrine to god it honours
Skid past corners and continue running
Past doors and smiling faces cunning
A joker’s smile spreads across your lips
And through the running, run past ships
Down the dock and to the sea
Shouting, shouting, “Remember me.”
Jumping down to the dark abyss
Then you sense something amiss
In your reflection you see something
A villain’s chill, a murderous instinct
And your reflection spreads a smile.
An intense charisma, an evil file.
Hands burst out of waves and grab you down
Water closes over you and you almost drown.
Pushing up you no longer feel her grip
But the hem of your shirt is awfully ripped
Small price, you think, get out of the water.
Who knew your life would end shorter.
The devil’s soul, your other half
Is now walking your destiny’s path
Hated and killed, the story unknown,
And spreading blood dark water has shown.
Going under, hair floats past your face
Falling forever at a jetlag’s pace
Blood leaks from your broken chest,
A bullet hole in your murdered vest.
The shrieking sound of a scraping bowl
Your reflection, the devil’s soul.

Will you hug me?

The child flings out her hands
Behind her is the marching band.
They had gotten in with a small fee.
“Daddy, will you hug me?”
Unexpectedly her father ignores
At home is a smattering of blood and gore
“Hug me? You’re too old for that!”
The child’s hair is a dirty mat
Her mouth is bleeding yet she feels no pain
Instead she feels the burning shame
She doesn’t raise the question again
And the years flow by like wind in a rain
The child grows up and goes to work
And fate decides to give a smirk
A motorbike crashes into hers
Making her spin, messing up furs
Then blackness.
She wakes up, on a cold bed
A thick bandage that wraps around her head
Her eyes notice her father next to her
His sad speech is hard to hear.
Her breath leaves fast and she’s going to die.
How fast, she thinks, does time fly?
Her beeps get too slow,
Her voice gets too low.
Sucking in breath with a shiver in her chest
Her mangled leg is nothing but a mess
She’s sick and tired of this world
Slowly, slowly, her arms uncurl.
Her father is nothing but bones and skin
“Daddy, daddy,” the child begins.
“Will you hug me?”

Hear me out

My blood runs from my head
My arms, pale and heavy as lead
My hair is messed up in the dead of night
Again my father has shown his might
A salt to the wound, my father says
“I won’t talk to you, night or days!”
Crying for mercy, begging on my knees
But he brushes me aside like I’m some fleas
“Hear me out, hear my shit!”
His words like a backlash whips
My bleeding heart, tearing cuts
I know he’s treating me like a mutt
Yet I still love him, still want to please him
His sharp words are severing my limbs
And so I take it out on myself,
Leaving slivers of flesh on a shelf
Putting up for people to see,
“Hear me out, pretty please?”
A sweet chorus of a sad song
Through this pain I have lived long
Such that I feel none when I cut my wrist
Blood flows down a death-grip fist.
Air doesn’t flow, visions turn dark
And oddly enough I hear a lark
A symbol of peace through times of turmoil
And to breathe, my collapsing lungs toil
But too late I try to gasp for breath
A sharp knife in a thin sheath
Piercing my heart making it bleed
On my blood my rage feeds
In a last act of defiance I spit
Saliva on his face; he throws a fit.
Finally my mangled body lies
Ready to cremate, ready to die
But miraculously I live
Another day, I weave
A tapestry of blood, bones and gore
Living to see another day of more.

How not to hurt

Curl up on my fancy bed,
Tears soak through the sheets
Pink, yellow, green and red,
my blood trickles from pierced feet.

Colours sweep across my eyes
As stars burst behind my eyelids,
my cheek stings as palms fly
Wonder why I forgive my mother morbid.

Tear-stained cheeks turn red with blood
And red infuriates my mother’s eyes
And her heart is bitter as a cud,
Dashing knives and making blood fly.

Congealing blood lands on the floor
And my scars slowly leave no trace
But mental scars are like a distant shore
And she finally stops her increasing pace.

Once again dragged up and bleeding
My mother’s fury knows no bounds
On my blood her anger is feeding
My racked body is the feeding ground.

How am I supposed to hurt anymore?
Not when I’ve been living in pain so long.
But my heart hurts more than the flying gore
Stinging slaps sing a sweet song.

Physical scars are not hard to heal
I see my friends looking so happy
But happy is not something I can feel
I envy their lives so sappy.

I wonder how I’m not mad yet
I wonder why I still love her
I wonder why I’m just her pet
And my flying innards my fur.

All I want to do is please
And allay my parent’s fury
At night they eat wine and cheese
Leaving me bits of mercury

The scars on my hands are hard to see
The scars in my mind invisible
But everytime I wince just think of me
And know my illness is incurable.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The world is mine

If I turned evil and took over the world I would probably say/sing this...

This puny world, this horde of souls,
Uncleansed by death, shall take its toll,
You stupid, weakling people
I'll kill you and I'll keep all,
The treasures of your world for my,
Own pleasure and in my minds eye,
To see the world I've laid waste to,
I'll crush every last one of you!
Beneath my boots you'll fall,
To end as dust before all,
You mortals never learn that,
I will destroy the world at,
my leisure,
I'll take pleasure,
from your puny screams,
That punctuate my dreams,
and make me laugh with joy,
For you will I destroy!
The world will meet with disaster,
You will learn that I'm your master,
You'll die and I'll,
Look as you cry,
And crush you if you defy,
me, as I look at the blood-red sky,
As the world sinks to hell,
The funeral bells will knell,
I'll drag you screaming to tartarus,
But still you scream, "G-d save us!"
With death's scythe slick with blood,
you'll fall to the ground with a thud,
As you have truly died,
My hate is satisfied,

Monday, 26 September 2011

Unbelievably Depressing Poem

This is a joint poem cowritten by me and Quinn. Grey lines are by Quinn. Blue by me.

Unbelievably Depressing Poem That May Make You Want To Eat Your Own Arm. You Have Been Warned!

I’ve got a door in my heart and a cupboard in my brain
Where I hide my depression, my anger and pain
The walls are dark, with no light inside
This is the place in which I hide.

When the world gets too much, when I run out of hope
When the fear gets a hold, when I no longer cope
Then let me stay here, let my outside seem strong
Let me cry behind the door, this is where I belong

I put on a brave face, I brush away a tear
I look like I’m happy, yet I’m nowhere near.
It’s hard to live but harder to die
So I remain in the middle, just barely alive

I look out on the world, but the world doesn’t care
Doesn’t care how I feel, how I live, how I fare
I’ve given up on prayer; I’ve given up on faith
I have nothing left. All I do is wait.

I wait for an answer, a miracle, a friend
I wait for the oncoming darkness to end
But that day never comes, so I stay behind the door
I shut it all in the cupboard, and hide that beneath the floor.

Where I scream at the voices, who whisper back to me
That you’ll never see the stars shine, nothing’s all you shall be
And I can’t help but see they’re right, the proof is in front of my eyes
I have people who say else wise, but those are just white lies

A comforting illusion, well meant but far too late
For failure’s all I ever do, my lifeblood and my fate
I’m not sure what life meant for me, but things never work out
So I try and trudge on, like a farmer in a drought

The words they buzz around my brain, but slip through mind and thought
Frustrating me and baiting me until I stop, distraught
My breathing quickens, my logic subsides
I’m lost and I’m confused. Any joy is cast aside.

You looked at me with pity, for a while, and then forgot,
That I’m still in need of comforting. I’m left alone to rot.
I don’t want to dwell in my self-pity, I want to be a good man
But this feeling overtakes me, and nothing ever goes to plan.

No matter how hard I try, never mind how much I serve,
I begin to think this punishment, is what I truly deserve.
And this becomes the truth, cold and hard and set in stone.
I’m a broken person. But moreover I’m alone.

So I’ll stay like this forever. I’ll weep, I’ll sob, I’ll cry.
I’ll languish in my battered mind. Til the very day I die.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

kallista, the spirit of kindness

Kallista, the gracious, kind one,
The one and only, the fine one,
Kallista shines, her radiance dazzling,
Her wit and kindness, to her beauty adding.

Kallista is the one to whom we look,
When we are unsure what to do,
She guides us with her charm and wisdom,
She cares for every one of you!

We look to you, Kallista,
The one who we can trust,
Whatever happens, whatever time,
Kallista will and always will shine

Friday, 23 September 2011

'Twas a dark night

T'was a dark night, the moon was bright,
The nightmares held their breaths.
The poeple sleeping tossed and turned as death doth walk the streets,
His scythe a'knocking, on the doors, arousing startled wakers, from their slumber riseth.
If the dead could rise again, this night for sure they'd choose, for death in black doth walk the streets, he knocks on every door.
His cloak of shadows, drawn about him, his scythe glints eer-i-lly, his footsteps echo, paving shakes as death doth walk the streets.
He kills without a single thought, he claims his victims many, death doth not care for righteous doers, his death-touch is without choice, he kills us all in time we're dead before we wake.

If I was any good

If I was any good at writing,
I would'nt waste my time fighting,
to get through a maze of words,
I would no longer look absurd,
I'd be cheered all through the streets,
Loved by all those that I'd meet,
I'd be adored, nobody'd snore,
when I'd recite a new poem,
I would write well, yes I'd show em!
What could I do, if I just knew,
how to right a piece worthwhile,
Instead of with an awkward smile,
Standing tight-lipped, fear-faced, terrified,
I'd give up and when I'd sighed,
and packed my bags, and walked away,
I'd write a story, a page a day,
So people would read my work,
Without giving a smirk,
For my work would be good,
If I could, or would or should,
then I would write a poem,
And be adored by all.

Hellboy's Poem

I’m not really a rhyming person,
So I wouldn’t know what to do,
If I was given a pen and pad
And told to rhyme for you.

My best chance with poems
Is to have abstract lines
With susurrus
Or bowdlerize
Making sure it doesn’t rhyme.

Because ever since year five,
My rhyming skills have dropped
As I really don’t see the point
Of choosing rhyming to adopt.

What’s the use
Of joining words
With the same ending or sound?
What the hell
Could I try
To reach a common ground?

Would it even matter, really?
If I didn’t rhyme every once in a few
There isn’t actually anything wrong with it;
Me not writing a rhyming poem for you.

And so you see, I think I’ve finally come to an end,
Of my horrible, rhyming years,
Now it’s obvious to see that I tend
To write in lines that coheres
And do not rhyme, at all.

Ha-ha, that’s right.
There’ll be no more rhyming on this, um…day…

…And so, I’m not here to rhyme anymore.
That’s always, really, been a…um…

Just leave me alone, rhymes;
Let me be.
I’d hate to spin around forever like a b-

Stuff this, I’m just going to hit post *click*

*This epica Poem was written by Hellboy and posted on here with his permission.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Words, fantastical

Words, fantastic words, over seventy million,
Words, fantastic words, used by over five billion,

If we did not have words, I would not be writing this,
What would we do without them, and so. I. say. this,

Words, fantastic words, fun, awesome and brilliant,
Words, fantastic words, tongues and supercilliants,
(That was a made up word, supercilliant is truly absurd,)

Words, fantastic words, silly, funny, amusing,
Words, fantastic words, through the dictionary I'm perusing,

Imagine the longest word ever, it's Welsh and its meaning's really clever,

Words, fantastic words, think of them as you read this,
Words, fantastic words, hated by all those with lisps,

Words, fantastic words, glorious words, brilliant words, epica wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooordddddddddsssssssssssssssssssssssss....

Words, fantastic words, glorious words, super-cool Wooooooooooooooords...


Monday, 19 September 2011


At the moment, this is a poem, but it could be a song.

Soaring across the skies,
The crowd shows appreciation with ghasps and sighs,
The power behind me shakes the ground,
I can travel faster than the speed of sound.

Speeding along, the wind in my hair,
The eagles and cestrals stop and stare,
Racing along, jetpack roaring,
Across the sky, soaring,

With my jetpack

Saturday, 17 September 2011

To my death I go

The executioner holds my arm,
Guides me to the scaffold,
As I walk I feel a sense of calm,
To my death I go.

I slowly walk the path of shame,
I'm pelted by the laughing peasants,
They throw at me without aim,
To my death I go.

I climp the steps, the gibbot waits,
A voice in my head, the word of the fates,
"This is not how it ends, you know,"
And To my death I go.

The hangman's noose around my neck,
Out of my eye I wipe a speck,
I realise now, I'm crying, my death approaches,
Forward thrusted, throat constricting,
Upwards lifting, angels guide me away,
I leave my death behind...

Draw With Me

Walking, walking, out to the edge,
Seeing a glass with a three-inch ledge
Reaching out, you see a reflection
Seemingly similar yet different reaction
Appearance, behavior, both alike,
Yet you can’t communicate, even with a mike
A soundproof barrier separates you two,
“Hello, hello!” you shout. “Can you hear me, you?”
He only shrugs and shakes his head,
And of ideas your mind is dead.
In his pocket he fishes around
Old coins and dust fall to the ground
In his hand he holds two chalks,
Made of fine material, black Ursofalk,
“Can you write?” he asks on the wall,
And a piece of chalk towards you falls.
“Of course, duh,” you write back,
a simple line, written in black.
He thinks of a way to make it fun.
“Can you draw?” he asks, still keeping mum.
And soon you start doodling on the glass
Drawing, a process smooth and fast,
Leaving a space to see each other,
You start to blush under evening’s cover.
He looks down, then suddenly writes,
“It feels cold” to your right.
He hesitates, then adds more too.
“I really want to be with you.”
“You are with me,” you write fast,
“Only there’s a glass between us.”
He leaps up, suddenly angry.
His heart, his soul, suddenly empty.
He pummels the glass hard with his fists
The anger twisting his face, even his lips.
“No!” you shout, “You’ll hurt yourself, no!”
T’was no use, he couldn’t hear your voice low
Suddenly the glass, it spider webbed, cracked,
He motioned you to move away, his pace failing to slack
And in three blows the glass gave way,
And you’ll always remember that fateful day
Three million shards repaired themselves,
His hand being there, slashed as well.
The next day, he arrives in a splint.
Your heart, at his sight, gallops in a sprint.
“Are you okay?” you concern talks.
He nods silently, taking out his chalk.
Cheerfully you write, “Wanna draw?”
You see him sigh. “I can’t anymore.”
That night you feel the lasting despair
How can you sleep when his arm can’t repair?
You take a knife and hold it to your elbow
It’s okay, you think. It’s not a big blow.
The next day you throw it over
And wait for him, your sweet clover.
He sees the package and opens it
And his lips in surprise he bit
The package drops, your arm comes out.
You write a line with an effort bout.
“Draw with me.”

Friday, 16 September 2011

Autumn has come

Autumn has come,
Leaves turn brown,
Clouds cover the sun,
The year goes round.

Summer turns to Autumn,
This season's really awesome,
A brilliant mix of colours,
But then it becomes duller.

From yellows to reds,
From reds to browns,
In a mix of colour,
The observer drowns.

When Autumn comes,
The trees go bare,
Of colours there's one,
To dark from fair.

All life begins to seep away,
And now you know its time to say,
Autumn has come...


At the end of time, a shadow stands,
Waiting for our death, the grim reaper sharpens his scythe and rubs his bony hands.

Our deaths are faited, we all must die,
But we still resist, we kick and cry.

The world goes round, we soon forget,
The ones who died aeons ago, and yet.

One person CAN make a difference,
One person can save a life,
One person can change the world,
Prevent dispair and strife.

But all together, we stand strong,
When one of us sings, we all sing along.
We can band together, to help those in need,
But to our virtue, Death pays no heed.
To death we are insignificant,
Specks of dust on the face of the earth,
For death truly is omnipotent,
We're dead men from our birth...

Forsaken Tears

Soft blue eyes that turn up to the sky
Try to keep back the tears, just try.
But no matter what you do to keep them,
They always trickle onto your trembling hands.
Pale and soaked through with blood,
Heart as bitter as a cow’s cud
Lines of red that run from your hair
With a stained vision you taste the air
The beautiful moon is red in your vision
Forsaken tears drop to oblivion
Everything would get harder from here,
But keep trying to live without fear.
You’re running out of places to hide
And every single time you confide
You’re nothing but an empty shell
Mindlessly you tripped and fell
Feeling no pain from your wounds
Silently, submissively, you never could
Revolt against the terrible force,
Suppressing you like earth on a corpse
Breathing heavily, panting breathlessly,
Running, running, running endlessly.
Finally you fall into an abyss
A huge wide canyon, not a crevice,
And you feel endless relief as you fall to your death
Your heart stops, an end to your breath
Suddenly you frown, the feeling familiar
The loud shouting, “You are inferior!”
You open your eyes, no longer in dark.
You see the ceiling, the colour of bark.
Sweat trickles down your trembling forehead
You sit up; you’re only on your bed.
The tormenting starts once again,
Whimpering and hiding from the hard cane.

Thursday, 15 September 2011


A silent assassin,
A fly on the wall,
Casually observing and that is all.

Or so we thought,
before we went,
To the doctors, he told us all.

You have a cancer,
Our faces paled,
At the horror of the disease that she held.

The doctor took me to one side,
Whispered for only me to hear,
So the words that chilled my blood didn't reach her ear.

Six weeks...


I'm on the run, thinking of you,
wishing that you were right here too.
Thinking of sharing your warmth with me,
Because we're always meant to be.
I'm not thinking of the current war;
Thinking instead of making our hearts soar.
Flying on, not silver, but golden wings,
To the stars all the way in Yoldenhin.
And these wings, they capture hearts,
but not the type you find in marts.
Their golden hue shall shimmer and shine
But their gentle glory will never blind.
Now these wings are still growing,
But come December they will all be glowing.
You just have to wait and see, my dear,
The time of my return is really, really near.



Let's turn out the lights.
Watch the darkness crush
All bright forms like mush.
And suddenly you're scared,
Feel your throat being grabbed.
The dark shape that looms over
Is not just some other cover
Try to breathe
But unable to leave
This nightmare of yours
Is so warped of course.
Scream in agony
but no sound's the escapee--
The lights turn on
The shadows are gone
But please, I beg you, please beware,
Don't put it down as a warped nightmare.

An aching heart

Her smile is like a rainbow,
Her laugh is nothing like a crow,
Her face is like the bright sun,
Her hair like dreams on the run.
But behind her bright countenance
Hides a pain like a piercing lance
And tears dot her cherub-like face
When the pain increases to a striking mace.
Heavy rivulets of tears
Roll down her face like twin rivers
The ice-cold bud on the frozen smile
Would break if not treated well.
Her heart aches behind her radiant smile
And her mind broken beyond the crack of a mile.
Her bright countenance hides the hurt within,
And her aching heart never meant to win.
Nevermind the saint-tempting bribes she’s offered
To take away her pain, is what she’s always wanted.

Silent Night

Silent night, Holy night,
How many times do you show your might?
The comfort comes from soft slow notes
Floating on air just like a boat
The crunching horridness of broken glass
Underneath the feet of the singing mass
a horrible parody of a holy time
Walking past the broken shrines
The silent night is no longer good
In furrowing brows, the people brood
It matters who was killed in this fight
It matters who was dead this night
Slowly eyes spy a peaceful couple,
Dead, obviously, but no longer in trouble
Arms entwined around each other
holes in their hearts, blood of their fathers
But so in love, the expression on their face
Gives rise to the question, who will win this race?
War is such a terrible thing
People die in an eye blink
Such is the waste and slandering of war
Compared to others, their time they're far before.
And therefore sing no more, and hereafter say,
We'll always remember that fateful day.

The Murderer Within

Hands that clutch your head,
Your eyes are wide with fear.
Voices of people who are dead
Haunting your mind with leers.

You run through the darkness
Of your very mind, your soul
A blood moon that shines on inkiness
Penetrating the smoke that lurks in bowls

Slowly you gas your victims to death.
Then chop them up and throw them away
Bones and smiles are all that's left
Clothing's ends begin to fray

Your mind is full of all these things
Blood and gore, Bones and bullets
Towards darkness your conscience flings
Saliva rolls down in heavy rivulets

Smiling down on your last body
Handcuffs slap onto your wrist
No matter how much they stare at coldly
No denying the knife-holding fist.

Locked up, sitting in a straight jacket,
Smiling the smiles of a dozen dead
Shadows pluck at the old locket
The dead mother, the murderer instead.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Poet's Note: I have absolutely no idea why I'm posting this- it's absolute rubbish. But for some reason, I think we all need it. So once you get past how cliché it is, and how awful the wording is, I hope you manage to gather some meaning out of it.


Let me see something in the darkness
The flicker of the candlelight
I pray for it to never stray from my sight
I pray for the light to never waver

Let me take my candle and shine it
Not just for myself
But let me light the candles of my friends,
And enemies and strangers too.

Let me fill the world with our quivering lights
Some burn strong and bright
Some are frail and weak
But together they glow in sheer brilliance.

Let me prevent the inevitable
Of a candle being extinguished
By snide, isolation and false truth.
Let these victims see and share my light.

Let me hold my candle high
For all to see
I pray that you see my candle.
I pray that you share it’s light.


Silently she watches me stumble
But as I receive her injuries
Trip, fall, and tumble
I always wonder, is it her superficiality?

A thin tight wand, it stings painfully,
Smacked across the hands of the misbehaved.
Yet I feel no pain from her delivery,
Swift, fast, and undelayed.

I cringe in fear instead of pain
But no tears come from my eyes.
Instead, blood leaks from my tear ducts twain,
In front of them flash my terrible lies.

Like a dying fish I gasp for air
She has me on her hook, I know.
Trapped forever in Life's dark lair
No matter what sounds I hear, the lark or the crow.

Foreign liquid splashes onto my hands
And the meat starts to sizzle in heat.
A rope around my wrist to bring me to foreign lands
For my heart, not hurting is a feat.

Dragged across the sand dunes,
Scraped and bleeding profusely
Sand that's washed from lunar moons
Shipped across the sea

Is life so cruel to be this way?
Does life have given tormentors?
People selected to train in May
and take it out on live specators?

Sometimes I don't know what the world thinks.
Sometimes my anger's too fueled.
But I do know this answer in chinks
Is life really that cruel?

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


A girl lay asleep
With a peaceful face
But far underneath
There lay a dark place
Crawling and creeping
In the girl who was sleeping

At first it was a beach
A beautiful beach
But then came the monster
That horrible monster

It crashed like lightening
It killed and ate
It was terribly frightening

The girl screamed and ran
She ran and ran
She came upon a building
A very tall building
She plunged through the door
And crashed upon the floor
And there before her eyes
Were train tracks long and wide
They wound down the tunnel,
A deep, dark, never ending tunnel

The girl gasped and gazed
She heard the train
And was amazed
But her leg spiked with pain
She was on the tracks
The train was coming

She ran as best she could,
Her leg agonized
She leaped to the side
She leaped onto some stairs
The train flew by
A rumble of thunder

The girl stood for a second
Her hair whipping past
But the door behind her beckoned
She ran through at last

She stumbled in awe
She looked down from the balcony
The beach spread far below
The monster there rampaging

But something else caught her eye
A flicker to the right
A man in black gazed up a the sky
He stood with her

He looked at her
Seemed to only just notice
He smiled, stepping close
He kissed her

In a daze her blue eyes opened
A creature, not a man stood before her
She screamed and backed away
She didn't know what to say

An evil grin on his face
He took a step towards her
She balked and leaped,
Leaped from the balcony

She was falling
Falling towards the ground
Falling towards the monster
Falling, falling
Falling to death

A ringing echoed to her
It sang like a lure

The girl in her bedroom
Her eyes popped open
With a moan her hand reached out
Slapping the alarm clock

A school day ahead
She got up slowly
She'd rather stay in bed

The night's terrors forgotten


Her mane, it's silvery white,
Let your golden wings shine their light,
Whinny gently and toss your head,
No matter what they say, you're not dead.
Slowly, stroking your pure white muzzle,
Softly, you trust the stranger and nuzzle.
All too soon your utopia is shattered,
Lords and Kings come as if only gold mattered.
And the mute girl, the mute stable girl,
Pushed aside in a mass of wig curls.
Slowly, the poor Pegasus' fur grows matted,
She can't to her, or she'll be battered
But she sneaks back in the dead of night,
Keeping quiet with all her might
Silently adding oats to the pegasus' meal,
The golden shining wings, a faithful shield
Stroking and cleaning its coat to a shine
Until the owner comes with a terrible fine
He throws the girl out and shuts Pegasus in,
"You are not allowed there, not even to shine with resin!"
The girl sat there, separated from her pegasus,
Crying tears that inspire no pity from Anguses.
"Go on crying!" he cries frustrated.
"If I sell this girl I'll be elated."
The girl cries and cries,
Looking up with sad brown eyes.
When he disappears behind the corner,
Hands fling up, then suddenly falter.
The Pegasus is left without a stable girl.
The poor horse now alone in all the world.

Kind Soul

Its coat, slick and shiny,
A newborn foal that’s just as tiny.
Lovingly its mother licks it clean,
A few months later, to solid food it weans
Its white diamond, proudly etched.
The crest of Lancashire, the sunlight catched.
Until that fateful horrible day,
In white gold and silver it rode away.
Smugglers and thieves that looted the carriage,
The horse bucked and gatecrashed a marriage
Wild-eyed glares and flying hooves,
People scatter, leaving their shoes.
The panicky horse broke from the reigns
For the bit was giving it far too much pain.
Gallop apace, towards the field,
Away from mighty swords and traditional shields
There it stopped, skittering sadly,
Eyes flicker left, right, madly.
It lay on its side till a kind soul came,
A touch of the muzzle was all needed to tame
Following guiding hands and encouraging words,
It trotted to a bucket full of milk curds
Now this kind soul, we know who she is,
The quiet one, Sadhbh, who passionately gives
And dedicates her life to animals
Carnivore, herbivore, even cannibals
Her heart is so big and wide we find
Her soul was made for light to shine.
So my dear Sadhbh, continue on,
Ignore all others who still scorn
Your efforts to save
Your actions are brave
The spirited horse is one example
With our support, wildlife won’t crumble.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Dark monster

Eyes, slit and red
Heart, cold and dead.
How many times must I kill myself?
This has to go into the books on the shelf.
Records, records, of a dark monster,
Your insides, your skin, hate the alabaster,
A knife that clatters, to the floor,
Hands that bleed, you gut the gore.
With vicious brutality
You kill your family
Finally until there's nothing left.
Hands that tremble, palms that are cleft.
Your inner pulse that knows no bounds
It prowls, jealously, your inherited ground.
How fun it is to see blood fly
And how interesting it is to see girls cry.
Tears and vomit, mix with blood.
Zip your mouth, zip it shut.
This will gather no sympathy.
Instead, raining abuses come as a symphony.
Curl up and die, die a horrible death,
For life is nothing but an empty sheath.
Her lifeless shell lies smiling on the floor.
Gun, dagger, covered in gore.

Stupid, stupid, stupid

Why? You ask yourself,
Leaning over, hitting a shelf.
Why? you ask again and again,
There was nothing in there for you to gain.
Stupid, stupid, stupid girl.
Why'd you trade that for all the world?
Your father's hand was right to hit,
Empty, stupid, piece of shit.
Idiotic enough to resist the change,
Now your body's racked with pain.
Teeth knocked out and blood on the floor,
Eyes in tears and face in gore.
Half burned, half blood, that's what you are.
Swallow your vomit like a dog at a bar.
Tears that come again, sting your eyes,
Bend down and get on all fours with the flies.
You should have known much better.
Your jealous dad, your given tormenter.
Give up, you stupid teen.
Rhyming couplets will never win.
Instead, brutal force prevails,
Much like the uncovering of a bride's veil.
So give up, hang yourself.
Leaning in, you hit a shelf.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mother Dearest.

I look upon her with love,
my silly heart wide open.
Whatever she does, whatever she says
is perfect, righteous, and wise.

My mother I look too for hugs,
With glowing eyes I see
how compassionate she is with others
But why is there none for me?

I am hurt, discarded,
and treated without care,
by friends, siblings and enemies.
But when I run to my mother,
She looks the other way.

It seems she is too busy
with more important stuff.
Then when my heart is injured
and my tormenters shred me apart.

So I sit alone and try to figure out,
how to handle tough situations
while my heart aches with every beat
and tears come pouring down my face.

Each year as I grow older
I try my very best,
to do what is right and good
so I can hear a kind word.

But it never comes
Somehow I’m overlooked.
By my mom, by my dad.
It’s a very lonely world.

Sometimes she shouts at me
and I am just so confused.
Does she really think I’m that bad?
Why does she despise me so much?

To discover what she thinks of me
leaves me traumatized and disconcerted.
I began to loathe myself
and believe that she are right.

My efforts to do well are wasted.
I need help with my homework.
But alone I sit in the kitchen,
overwhelmed by the problems before me.

No one seems to notice
and no one seems to care,
about a stupid little girl
who wears her heart on her sleeve

Into a shell I go and hide,
to protect myself from further harm
I take each day and struggle
how to survive and press on.

My Tormenter, My Mother

Whirling twirling my thoughts are all asunder,
Confounded, confused,
my frustration mounts daily.
Talking to you is confusing,
hurtful and pointless.

I try to use reason but you throw it out
and pitch to me a thought most absurd
You have done your duty
and have kept me dizzy, frustrated and off kilter.

My original goal to show you
I deserve to be treated better
is lost when you throw me
for yet another loop.

So nothing ever gets taken care of
except for your need to always be right
Even when you are not you don’t care.
No one can tell you different.

Hard, unyielding, and merciless you are.
Spiteful more then any enemy could be.
I try so hard to give you respect and honor.
Why must you make it impossible to do?

I pay the price most deeply.
for your heartless and sneaky ways.
It bares most dreadfully on my heart,
my soul, and my mind.
And yet, I love you.
Oh God help my foolish
and worn out soul.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My computer died today

My computer died today, before I had a chance to say,

My computer died today, I'm very sorry to say,
it's dead.

My computer died today, and I'm feeling down,
but then I see a light, so sparkling bright, issuing from a laptop in my line of sight,
hip hip hooray, I was happy to say that I will be writing some poetry today.

But then I saw, through my veil of happiness,
the laptop was in the posession of another, that person was in fact my mother.

I felt the joy leak through my fractured happiness,
to flood away, bad emotions rendered it useless.

Two days later, I walked in,
my old computer was up and running,
no longer was it out for the count,
but I still had to reset my account...

It started working, but I fear,
the sound of beeping, I will hear,
for when my computer makes that sound,
in crash dump protocols is it drowned.

My computer lives!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Magnificent Mallets

 Author's note
lol um... :P 
This is sort of a random thing I felt like doing out of the blue. It's sorta silly, but at least it's better than the depressing one I was going to do, right? :P
P.S. if the spacing's odd, sorry. It kept being weird for me.


A weapon of brute strength
It's approximately arm length


It's fun to swing around
It's fun to hit the wall
It's fun to hear that sound
That sound when it falls


It's a beautiful thing
To it I will always cling


So don't mess with me
I'll whack your brains in
Free of fee


It's better than a hammer
Perhaps with a bit less glamor
But still wonderful


It's a lovely device
A masterpiece, really
You'll have to pay the price
If you dare to call is silly


Few people do too
They can't leap from the dark
Mallet in hand, yelling "BOO!"


You should get one too

Monday, 5 September 2011

The Doctor

Author's note
WARNING possible spoilers between seasons 1-5 of Doctor Who

The Doctor,
A man of myth,
A man of wonder
He appears forewith
Like a clash of thunder

The Doctor,
He appears from the blue
He appears in his TARDIS
He saves the planet, then yells "Adieu!"
He saves the world when all's amiss,
Then disappears again

The Doctor,
Never thanked
Never noticed
That's the way he likes it,
But for the times he's lonely, that is

The Doctor,
With Rose by his side,
Falling in love,
Joined his adventures,
Wide eyed,
To travel the skies above!
He's happy.

The Doctor,
He feels great fear
How are they here?
His age old enemy is so near

The Doctor,
Saved by Rose,
Savior of Rose,
The heart of the TARDIS returned,
He must regenerate

The Doctor,
His face has changed
His voice, exchanged
"What sort of man am I?"
No second chances.
He's that sort of a man

The Doctor,
He faces them again
The Daleks
Those evil Daleks
Why won't they die?
But he has a plan
He is clever
He is sly

The Doctor,
He never said those words,
Those few, simple words,
"I love you...,"
And now she's gone.
Rose is gone .
Impossible to reach,
Worlds away,
Weeping on that lonely beach

The Doctor,
Although alone,
His fire still burns
To the future he's flown
Adventure he yearns
He shouts, "Allons-y!"
Fantastic, don't you agree?

The Doctor,
A new friend has joined him,
To journey through space and time
Though he's still grim,
He must go on!
Is that a crime?

The Doctor,
He's not the last
There's just one more
One more from Galafray
One more from home
The Master

The Doctor,
The last once more
The Master is dead
Gone, lost in the war
Simply a figment of lore

The Doctor,
He's left his companion at home
After the battle with one of his own
He travels on as always
Pretending he's just fine

The Doctor,
With an old acquaintance,
Laughing on their adventures,
Forgetting the past,
Having fun,
But it's not to last
Dark times are coming

The Doctor,
A complicated mess
A duplicate, although human
He's left with that long lost love,
And off the Time Lord travels,
Off to a companion's home
There, he leaves her,
Precious memories gone

The Doctor,
In misery, travels off once more,
Off to five different places,
Alone for good, he swore
Alas, his time is short
He'll change again

The Doctor,
He visits his friends,
This one last time
As his world ends,
He prepares himself

The Doctor,
He wants to stay the same
He doesn't want to die...
All alone he cried
As regeneration came

The Doctor,
A new man born.
He meets a lass.
He gives her a grin.
He disappears
And reappears.
Too bad it's so much later!

The Doctor,
Traveling with Amy,
Traveling with Rory,
They have Pandorica's Box
They need a very large bang!

The Doctor,
His only hope in one
One who was just married
One who doesn't recall
Wait, yes, she does after all!
How could she have forgotten?
Come back, Doctor, come back!

The Doctor,
He has returned
With a happy grin,
And off they go with a little spin!
Traveling time and space,
The Doctor and the newlyweds
Fantastic adventure awaits!

The Doctor,
Always there in the background
Always saving the world
Hardly known by the universe
The last of the Time Lords of Galafray
May he be truly thanked one day


Softly, she holds her hands to her face.
Quietly, she takes off the mask she hates.
Why must he torture her so?
Why must he make her feel so low?
Questions that spin around in your head.
To him, you are nothing better than dead.
Silently her mind talks to itself.
Trying to comfort with books on the shelf.
And the answer appears in the form of a dream,
Her hate boils inside her body lean.
Suddenly a girl, she clasps the Queen's hand,
I'll lead you, she whispers, to a new land.
It's quite a sight, much to behold,
And when you live here your courage won't fold.
Gently she leads the Queen through a gate,
And somehow she feels like she is quite late.
She looks down instinctively and sees her dress,
Marvelous and beautiful as her sunday best.
Now the girl's touch slowly fades,
You look back at the life that you had just made.
Your eyes fill with tears,
She chased away your fears,
And comfort embraces your heart,
Drives hate away in a cart.
There's a glitter,
An insignificant shimmer,
And all that's left of the little girl
Is a faint afterimage of a perfect world.


Kallingfisher, Kallingfisher, that twits and flits and flies.
Kallingfisher, Kallingfisher, unfold your feathered skies.
Let the world see your myriad of colours
Red, blue, yellow and others
Dear jewel, you shine your glory,
Don’t believe in those whispers gory,
You’re still, deep down inside, who you really are.
Nothing will degrade you, certainly not your car.
Kallingfisher, please don’t be sad.
Your colours fade as if they’ve gone bad.
How can he not see your beauty?
Your appearance is far beyond pretty.
How can he fancy another,
When he swore to love you forever?
Others dull in your presence,
Your speech is perfect in cadence,
How can he reject someone like you?
And go for someone even degrades him too?
Answers to that are just a big mystery,
Don’t care about that traitor! He’s already history.
Kallingfisher, Kallingfisher, that twits and flits and flies.
Kallingfisher, Kallingfisher, unfold your feathered skies.

The Battle Inside

Seething anger, deep inside
Wanting loose, wanting loose
Wanting loose to scream writhe
Wanting loose to rant and rage
Wanting loose, wanting loose

But no I tell it, holding it back
I hold it back, although dissatisfied
It asks me why, why?

"You know you hate them!
Let me loose, let me loose!
Let me loose to fall upon them
Let me loose to ruin their lives
Let me loose, let me loose!"

I cannot let you go,
For you know what you will do
You will stomp and hiss and splutter!
You will spit and growl and scream!
This will not help,
It will not help, I tell you!
I cannot let you go!

"But think about the things they've done!
They've talked and planned
They've schemed and plotted
Let me loose upon the fools!
Let me loose, let me loose!"

The things they've done are awful indeed
And those very things, one girl received
She wept alone, she cried and moaned
But through all of that,
The girl still loved them
She loved the fools
No, I cannot let you go!

"But why, why, I ask!
Why does she care?
Let me loose to give them punishment
Let me loose to dish out hate
Let me loose, I beg you, let me loose!"

That girl who loved them,
She means too much
Were you to hate them
She'd be upset
She'd be distressed
I cannot let that happen
I cannot let you go!

"But if you let me loose,
I'll rid them from this place
I'll make them cry
I'll make them weep
I'll make them leave
And never come back!
Let me loose to mess them up
Let me loose, let me loose!"

If you make them leave
And never come back
You'll hurt the one you want to help
She's more than a friend
She's a great sister
I cannot let you hurt her
I cannot let you go!

"If you will not let me loose
Then answer me this,
Where will I go?
What shall I do, what shall I do?"

You go away and disappear
You fade from me, and never return
You follow the shadows
That lead to the dark
You stay there and never return!

"No, I cannot leave you!
It is not possible
I'll hide away,
Deep inside,
And scream and writhe
And eat you up
I'll eat you up, I'll eat you up!
Unless, that is, you let me loose!
So, let me loose, let me loose!"

No, I refuse your pleading cries
I will not let you loose
If you must,
You try to eat me up
I will not let you
I'll always fight
I'll fight and fight
I'll keep you hidden
I'll crush your aims
I will not lose, I will not lose
I'll do what's right
I will fight
I cannot lose

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Doctor Man

He began way back when
The Universe open to him
Anything he wanted
Outside the Blue Box.

Weeping Angels
A most deadly foe
Blink and you're gone
Into a world of woe.

Cybermen, Cyberwomen
They delete you from existence
Gone forever
The void shall take you.

Oh but the Daleks
The worst of all
They point a whisk
A deadly weapon
It kills you stone dead
A flash of blue light.

Wait, what's this?
An even worse foe
The Master lives on
From the cold dark war.

He rules the world now
What will we do?
Get The Doctor of course
He'll make it all right!

And of course he does
He's The Doctor
Nothing can go wrong
Except the Timelord Baby!

Made to love
Forced to hate
Tries to kill him
Ends up saving him.

We shall see her again
Old River Song
She'll be alright
Until The Doctor dies.

The Doctor Man
In all his glory
Never was a good person
Since the very beginning.


It's a fantasy, what you lived in.
An elevated world past that of your kin.
But it all shattered, that one night,
like nothing was ever going to be bright.
But then one girl, she extends her hand,
A small tiny hand that clasps some sand.
"Your time is running," her voice echoes softly.
"Come with me. Your heart has been shoved roughly."
And she sings the song of healing,
a sweet sad song that was lost in timing.
It stirs your heart, those soft notes,
for all you know, she's the one that wrote.
She weaves another song, the one for heartache,
And you sigh sadly, like released a lake.
And suddenly you do, bursting into tears,
She and her sad song allay your horrid fears.
She mixes up the tunes, and comes to a crescendo.
She stops and smiles. "Now it's time for me to go."
"Your hurt will stop in no time for sure."
"But don't worry, I'll always be watching you near."
and she disappears, shadows uncurling.
The last note lingers on your finger unfurling.
And the hint of a smile rises onto your face,
forget about how the clouds are laced!
You are a magnificent, beautiful queen.
Nothing could be more than your shining sheen.
Your fantasy is rebuilt from torn pieces,
and softly, your cheek a pair of lips kisses.

The Most Wonderful Girl in the World

You inspire us, my friend
You bring hope and joy and love
You add spice to the lives around you
You splash color onto the skies above

You're aura alone is amazing
It sparkles and shines and sings,
Sings songs of bloody battles,
Sings songs of long lost kings
It sings and sings and sings,
And all who hear it fall
They fall to the ground in horror
They fall to the ground in awe

But you look down with that smile
That warm and gentle, unfathomable smile
You reach out a hand and help them up
You give them a hug

It's amazing
Truly, truly amazing

You're heart is larger than the moon
You're kindness is greater than imaginable
You're mind holds wonderfully clever little thoughts
My dear, you're simply fantastic

Surely you know,
Surely you must know
You can never be replaced
You can never be forgotten

Your friends think upon you fondly,
Always hoping to see you this day,
This cold, bleak day of boredom
It's awoken suddenly with a brilliant light
It's awakened when you come

You may come from a dark place,
But you come with the light
And through tears of sorrow, you brighten our lives
You dance and laugh, a playful sprite

This magical person of earth,
Her name brings happiness
Her name brings joy
The sound of it resounds down the halls,
Echoing to the core of the universe
Kallista Pendragon

Your legend shall pass down the generations
A magical story, slowly unfurled
The magnificent tale of one girl, long ago
The most wonderful girl in the world.


He asked, "Will you marry me?"
Speechlessly you could only nod you head.
But fickle men are, fickle he will be,
Now you believe your marriage is dead.
With a flick of his hand he tore you to shreds,
Leaving you in a crying mess.
To another girl his eyes have led,
And it's she whom he longs to caress.
Your eyes turn out unto the crowd,
You see nothing extraordinary.
But there is one girl there, shouting out loud,
Please, please, I can help you be.
Will you let me help you heal?
She asks, hands out and pleading.
But it's too painful, your mind reels.
And her face, it seems misleading.
I'll be your guide no matter what might come.
Please, Queen, trust me.
May it be maths equations or chemical sums,
Please, please, I can help you be.


This one is for Kallista.

Slowly, slowly, they flake to the ground.
Off the poor girl whose eyes are dark brown.
She understands the Queen's horrible pain,
She knows she can throw it in one terrible feint.
She is willing to do it.
But the Queen, she'd throw a fit.
Believing in yourself is the first step to do.
After that, the steps come and coo.
It's up to you to decide your fate,
But if you still believe that it's too late,
This girl, she'll help you up,
She understands without even a What's Up.
So please, let the poor girl help you,
After which, she'll vanish in shadows too.
she'll help you fix the pieces of your world,
Help you let your glory uncurl.
Shine out, dear angel, shine bright,
And everyone will be awed by your light.
She is willing to take the risk and help too.
Are you?

Kallista's Sonnet

Among us all a figure seems to glow,
With kindness for us, each and every one,
The best of us, we well and truly know,
Kallista is our hope when all seems gone.
A blessing to us all, a real gem,
Without her war would rage and peace would die,
Her mere existence comforts all of them,
The ones who care, who laugh and those who cry.
But who is there for she who heals the rest?
The one who finds us when we think we're lost,
We all do give our qualities, the best,
And hope to almost equal out the cost.
The one who spots the good and points it out,
Our thanks is what this sonnet's all about.


Saturday, 3 September 2011

You Should Have Known Better

You should have known better. Whatever.
Those were the words I heard.
After a night of crying,
my heart hurting and bleeding
I changed my name to escape the pain
of a family who didn’t care.
But crawling back to the place,
where I once had found solace and peace.
Coldness met me there.
With it’s ice cold stare and
found me guilty of the crime.
You of all people should have known better
Then to change your name to what you want.
Those were the words I heard, coming from the queen.
I pleaded while bleeding, that I forgot.
So distressed was I, my mind was lost.
Whatever was the answer I got.
A cold shoulder the remainder of my time.
So I gathered up the pieces
before an unyielding righteousness
Who’s measure I’ll never add up.


Bright, a halo around that dark head.
Bright, how can something so beautiful be dead?
Soft, the wings that flit and flutter.
Soft, how can those wings melt like butter?
Deep down inside you you know who you are.
Shout it out loud and those thoughts will run far.
Believe in yourself and never let it die.
For if you you do the whole world will cry.
Snap out of it! the poem I write,
is for you and you alone in this night.
Creatures of darkness will flee by your light,
and let it out! It represents your might.
Is your heart torn to shreds?
We'll put it back, no need to fret.
We'll restore your love within you,
Respect, integrity, everything too.
a paper will not hold a fire.
Instead, make music with your beautiful lyre.


If you say the word love,
Minds turn to swearing before the dove.
But when I hear that noun,
My mind thinks of our friendship profound.
Turn yourself away from sad things,
To shadows and darkness your faith flings.
But I will take it back, back to you,
Back from death who wants it too.
And I will stay by your side, rain or shine,
If it's too bright, I'll close the blinds.
my dear, dear kal,
please remember yourself.
Although he broke up,
There's no reason to corrupt
Your precious mind, so dear in life,
Don't throw it away with a deadly scythe.
And that's all I have to say to you now,
And please, please, your head, don't bow.
You are my beautiful goddess queen.
Name's don't matter, give yourself a sheen,
Your world might be crumbled,
but long within you a beautiful queen slumbered.
I'll help you build it up, once again,
And you'll never be let down again.

She is Gone

I scream with rage at the fury of the storm
that threatens to overtake my very soul.
With my last dying breath
I curse the girl that I once was.
So was stupid and so naive.

A last burst of pain
to end the years of agony.
Blackness meets me
with wide open jaws.
One last scream and I’m gone.

I wake up as a beast of hate
No longer human, no longer alive.
With appearance changed to one of horror,
I plague the ones who deserted me.
No longer alone, I am hunted by men.

Kill the monster the multitudes cry!
Escaping their wrath I try to hide,
snarling with hatred thirsting for revenge.
But there is one who I focus on instead.
I see him standing tall among the crowd.

He seems to be silent, not shouting at me.
His eyes speak volumes, anxious and pleading.
A rekindling of a heart I thought was dead
For even in my darkness, my heart recognized him.
Calming my rage I let him approach.

Standing still before each other.
One is pure and beautiful.
The other a monster, ugly and vile.
What can this angel of men do?
Is it possible this beast can still live?

But the crowd of men surge forward,
pushing the young man away.
They won’t let the monster that I am,
take another life ever again.
Bullets pierce my hideous frame.

Despite the beating that I receive,
I howl and scream a protest to late.
With his name now clear on my twisted heart
I lie there once again ravaged by men.
It is to late my love, I am far to gone.

With My Head Bowed Low

Life can be so hard sometimes.
People die young.
The wicked grow old.
Love is denied to the one
who longs for it most.

I think of these things and I wonder
as my heart is torn suddenly from me.
Is this all there is?
This desolation of my soul?
I look around and I’m all alone.

Why should I try to do what is right,
when the very ones who teach
are hypocrites at their own words?
When promises to me are broken
and my heart is over looked.

I can’t do this again!
It happened once!
It happened twice!
I’m so very afraid!
I am haunted by loneliness!

I don’t want to go on!
I have nothing left to give.
It all was lost and scattered in the wind.
Shaken I watched my dreams sweep away
taken by a hurricane of pain and death.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Ode to Aquila

Aquila Felis, owner of many guises,
She turns into animals of all shapes and sizes.

As a cat she is most comfortable,
She's incabable of being dull.

She cheers up all those around her,
Curls up in a ball of fur.

Brings us all together at xat,
She's hardly ever not there at that!

Aquila, ruler of the animal kindom,
You are a constant source of comfort and wisdom.

Octaboona Ambrosius, Purple poet

Octaboona Ambrosius,
The Purple Poet,
If wisdom were a seed, then he would sew it.

The rest of the world reaps the reward,
Without a thought toward,
The Purple Poet.

Where gratitude is owed,
It should be showed,
And so this ode, is to:
Octaboona Ambrosius,
The Purple Poet....

Thanks for all your amazing poems Octa!

Pyro-Dawn Tyromant, Lord of fire

Pyro-Dawn Tyromant, Lord of fire,
To wonderful things will he aspire.

Through jets of flame, with measured footsteps,
He walks into the depths,

Of the furnace.

Summer is here

Summer is here, the days are hot,
The cold of winter, easily forgot.

Days last longer, colours stronger,
Tempers flair, anger in the air.

Contrasts of summer, regular moodswings,
One moment languid, the next rushing to do things.

Outside with ice creams, on the beach with sun-screen,
Swimming in the sea, still as cold as can be.

The fruits are picked, its time to rest,
No more school, no more tests.

No thoughts of the future, living in the second,
No-one seems to notice, as atumn's finger beckons.

Summer is here

Winter is nigh

Winter is nigh, the cold it comes,
The snow is king, gone is the sun.

As snowflakes fall and night draws on,
Gather round campfires, singing camp songs.

Harsh but beautiful, bleak but breathtaking,
With the biting wind, your teeth are aching.

Winter is nigh, grey fills the sky,
Snow falls from high, an eagle sounds a cry,

Winter is nigh

The Truth of Medusa

We look at the Greek myths in History,
The monsters great and fearsome come to life,
And yet, one creature stops, a mystery,
A gorgon that has lived through tears and strife.
Medusa, once a beautiful priestess,
Had worked within Athena's temple home,
Though at the time when she was in distress,
Athena made her gaze turn men to stone.
A victim of the jealousy of gods,
She roamed the world, still mortal, but unmatched,
Until a hero came against the odds,
He killed her and had her head unattached.
It seems that even those divine and pure,
Have thoughts still clouded by jealousy's lure.