Monday, 5 September 2011

The Battle Inside

Seething anger, deep inside
Wanting loose, wanting loose
Wanting loose to scream writhe
Wanting loose to rant and rage
Wanting loose, wanting loose

But no I tell it, holding it back
I hold it back, although dissatisfied
It asks me why, why?

"You know you hate them!
Let me loose, let me loose!
Let me loose to fall upon them
Let me loose to ruin their lives
Let me loose, let me loose!"

I cannot let you go,
For you know what you will do
You will stomp and hiss and splutter!
You will spit and growl and scream!
This will not help,
It will not help, I tell you!
I cannot let you go!

"But think about the things they've done!
They've talked and planned
They've schemed and plotted
Let me loose upon the fools!
Let me loose, let me loose!"

The things they've done are awful indeed
And those very things, one girl received
She wept alone, she cried and moaned
But through all of that,
The girl still loved them
She loved the fools
No, I cannot let you go!

"But why, why, I ask!
Why does she care?
Let me loose to give them punishment
Let me loose to dish out hate
Let me loose, I beg you, let me loose!"

That girl who loved them,
She means too much
Were you to hate them
She'd be upset
She'd be distressed
I cannot let that happen
I cannot let you go!

"But if you let me loose,
I'll rid them from this place
I'll make them cry
I'll make them weep
I'll make them leave
And never come back!
Let me loose to mess them up
Let me loose, let me loose!"

If you make them leave
And never come back
You'll hurt the one you want to help
She's more than a friend
She's a great sister
I cannot let you hurt her
I cannot let you go!

"If you will not let me loose
Then answer me this,
Where will I go?
What shall I do, what shall I do?"

You go away and disappear
You fade from me, and never return
You follow the shadows
That lead to the dark
You stay there and never return!

"No, I cannot leave you!
It is not possible
I'll hide away,
Deep inside,
And scream and writhe
And eat you up
I'll eat you up, I'll eat you up!
Unless, that is, you let me loose!
So, let me loose, let me loose!"

No, I refuse your pleading cries
I will not let you loose
If you must,
You try to eat me up
I will not let you
I'll always fight
I'll fight and fight
I'll keep you hidden
I'll crush your aims
I will not lose, I will not lose
I'll do what's right
I will fight
I cannot lose


  1. WOOT!

    Epica poem Skyril!
    Really stunning.


  2. *takes SKyril in her arms and holds her there forever*
    You are a masterful poet dear Skyril. Your poems are all extrodinary. This one is passionate and powerful dealing with a struggle we all face at times in our lives. I love how you wrote it!
    I hope you fight on and not let hate and anger eat you up. I will do the same and will succeed as long as I have you as my friend and sister!
    Thank you for posting this epica poem!

  3. Beautiful poem Skyril. That's really all I can say. I'm speechless!

  4. Beautiful poem. I love it. Great encouragement. Definitely.

  5. You're an awesome friend, Skyril. And an awesome poet, too!