Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Her mane, it's silvery white,
Let your golden wings shine their light,
Whinny gently and toss your head,
No matter what they say, you're not dead.
Slowly, stroking your pure white muzzle,
Softly, you trust the stranger and nuzzle.
All too soon your utopia is shattered,
Lords and Kings come as if only gold mattered.
And the mute girl, the mute stable girl,
Pushed aside in a mass of wig curls.
Slowly, the poor Pegasus' fur grows matted,
She can't to her, or she'll be battered
But she sneaks back in the dead of night,
Keeping quiet with all her might
Silently adding oats to the pegasus' meal,
The golden shining wings, a faithful shield
Stroking and cleaning its coat to a shine
Until the owner comes with a terrible fine
He throws the girl out and shuts Pegasus in,
"You are not allowed there, not even to shine with resin!"
The girl sat there, separated from her pegasus,
Crying tears that inspire no pity from Anguses.
"Go on crying!" he cries frustrated.
"If I sell this girl I'll be elated."
The girl cries and cries,
Looking up with sad brown eyes.
When he disappears behind the corner,
Hands fling up, then suddenly falter.
The Pegasus is left without a stable girl.
The poor horse now alone in all the world.


  1. Aww, that's so sad. ~Hugs the little girl and the pegasus~
    ~rescues them from thei bondage and takes them someplace safe where they can be happy together~
    Beautiful poem.

  2. Interesting subject matter. Wonderfully well-written on your part. I'm impressed by how vividly you can describe settings in your poetry.

  3. @Skyril: Thanks :) the girl died though, in case it wasn't implied strong enough.

    @G.A.: thanks :)