Saturday, 3 September 2011


If you say the word love,
Minds turn to swearing before the dove.
But when I hear that noun,
My mind thinks of our friendship profound.
Turn yourself away from sad things,
To shadows and darkness your faith flings.
But I will take it back, back to you,
Back from death who wants it too.
And I will stay by your side, rain or shine,
If it's too bright, I'll close the blinds.
my dear, dear kal,
please remember yourself.
Although he broke up,
There's no reason to corrupt
Your precious mind, so dear in life,
Don't throw it away with a deadly scythe.
And that's all I have to say to you now,
And please, please, your head, don't bow.
You are my beautiful goddess queen.
Name's don't matter, give yourself a sheen,
Your world might be crumbled,
but long within you a beautiful queen slumbered.
I'll help you build it up, once again,
And you'll never be let down again.


  1. BB. This is an extrodinary poem. So beautiful. I am touched by your generosity in using your great gift to write such a lovely poem for me.
    Thank you my friend!