Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Most Wonderful Girl in the World

You inspire us, my friend
You bring hope and joy and love
You add spice to the lives around you
You splash color onto the skies above

You're aura alone is amazing
It sparkles and shines and sings,
Sings songs of bloody battles,
Sings songs of long lost kings
It sings and sings and sings,
And all who hear it fall
They fall to the ground in horror
They fall to the ground in awe

But you look down with that smile
That warm and gentle, unfathomable smile
You reach out a hand and help them up
You give them a hug

It's amazing
Truly, truly amazing

You're heart is larger than the moon
You're kindness is greater than imaginable
You're mind holds wonderfully clever little thoughts
My dear, you're simply fantastic

Surely you know,
Surely you must know
You can never be replaced
You can never be forgotten

Your friends think upon you fondly,
Always hoping to see you this day,
This cold, bleak day of boredom
It's awoken suddenly with a brilliant light
It's awakened when you come

You may come from a dark place,
But you come with the light
And through tears of sorrow, you brighten our lives
You dance and laugh, a playful sprite

This magical person of earth,
Her name brings happiness
Her name brings joy
The sound of it resounds down the halls,
Echoing to the core of the universe
Kallista Pendragon

Your legend shall pass down the generations
A magical story, slowly unfurled
The magnificent tale of one girl, long ago
The most wonderful girl in the world.


  1. *sobs and hugs Skyril*
    Thank you my friend! Your poetry warms my heart. It is stunning and superb! If I am any of these things it is because of the grace of God and the friends here who He put in my life.
    You all are the beautiful extrodinary ones!
    For you I would do anythng. I will leave my sadness behind.

  2. This is the most wonderful thing I think I have ever ever read. This is so beautiful and wonderful it's hard to comprehend just how amazing this is.

    This poem cannot be described with mere words... it transecends that and has moved beyond into something magical and eternal.

    Without doubt this is the best poem you've ever written.

    Words fail me.

  3. Kallista Pendragon is the most wonderful person in the world this poem brought a smile to my face because it speaks the truth!!

  4. Beautiful. Magnificent. Just amazing. It perfectly describes our beloved Kallista. It brought tears to my eyes. Bravo, Skyril!

  5. That's her exactly! Brilliant, Skyril!