Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Kind Soul

Its coat, slick and shiny,
A newborn foal that’s just as tiny.
Lovingly its mother licks it clean,
A few months later, to solid food it weans
Its white diamond, proudly etched.
The crest of Lancashire, the sunlight catched.
Until that fateful horrible day,
In white gold and silver it rode away.
Smugglers and thieves that looted the carriage,
The horse bucked and gatecrashed a marriage
Wild-eyed glares and flying hooves,
People scatter, leaving their shoes.
The panicky horse broke from the reigns
For the bit was giving it far too much pain.
Gallop apace, towards the field,
Away from mighty swords and traditional shields
There it stopped, skittering sadly,
Eyes flicker left, right, madly.
It lay on its side till a kind soul came,
A touch of the muzzle was all needed to tame
Following guiding hands and encouraging words,
It trotted to a bucket full of milk curds
Now this kind soul, we know who she is,
The quiet one, Sadhbh, who passionately gives
And dedicates her life to animals
Carnivore, herbivore, even cannibals
Her heart is so big and wide we find
Her soul was made for light to shine.
So my dear Sadhbh, continue on,
Ignore all others who still scorn
Your efforts to save
Your actions are brave
The spirited horse is one example
With our support, wildlife won’t crumble.

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