Saturday, 24 September 2011

kallista, the spirit of kindness

Kallista, the gracious, kind one,
The one and only, the fine one,
Kallista shines, her radiance dazzling,
Her wit and kindness, to her beauty adding.

Kallista is the one to whom we look,
When we are unsure what to do,
She guides us with her charm and wisdom,
She cares for every one of you!

We look to you, Kallista,
The one who we can trust,
Whatever happens, whatever time,
Kallista will and always will shine


  1. Hmm... interesting poem.

    By the way, did you know that the word "kallista" actually means something in Finnish? Well, just to inform you, it means that something is "expensive" (comes from the Finnish word "kallis", "kallista" is a conjugated version of that word).

    You can never know too much about different things.

  2. Thank you Chan for this beautiful poem! *hugs*
    It was lovely of you to write it. I am amazed at your talent! Well done. Keep on writing Chan!