Wednesday, 28 September 2011


From good to bad from bad to good,
We don't always do what we should,
When fair is foul and foul is fair,
Should we behave with grace and air?
Or burn up in a ball of fire,
Of villainy, we never tire,
The world could be ours,
The limit is the stars,
We'd wreak havoc across the streets,
Terrify all those we meet,
But without good, bad is surplus,
Yin without yan, drifting without purpose,
With the good guy gone, we'd be forgotten,
Lose all the power that we'd gotten,
So bad gets captured, waits patiently,
Until good's back is turned, you see
While good is still around,
bad stays safe and sound,
For if good were to die,
The villain would just simply sigh,
And turn and walk away,
Until another day,
When good would rise,
And Surprise,
The villain who in disguise,
Would terrorise,
The people of the city,
His comments fast and witty,
And he would fight once more,
The hero, who all would adore,
The epic battle, of good and bad,
The bad guy's days are never sad.

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