Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I'd Like to Think

I'd like to think that people tend towards generosity and kindness
When all the time it's actually uncaring blindness;
I'd like to think that parents dearly love their children
Even though I know they'll never be forgiven;
I'd like to think that one loved would ne'er betray his kin,
But I know I'm just naive as I've seen it time and time again;
I'd like to think that a friend is always truly loyal
When actually he's egotistical and spoiled;
I'd like the think that all and sundry speak the truth
Even though I know most speak lies uncouth;
I'd like to think that dragons live in caves of turquoise blue,
But I know that line of thought it merely silly too.
I'd like to think of lot of things unfortunately false,
But I guess until they're true, I'll go on being lost.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Cheshire-cat Moon

I gaze at the Cheshire-cat moon in the sky,
    And I wonder where you are- far... or nigh;
I hear the rain and wind, howling, weeping,
    And I wonder if you're awake or sleeping;
The birds and the 'hoppers sing songs to me,
    And I wonder if your blithesome or melancholy;
The breeze in the night lays dead, quiet, and still,
    And I wonder how you are- healthy... or ill;
A thousand silent graves fill me with sorrow,
    And I wonder if I'll hear from you at all tomorrow
I think of how you feel, what you're doing, where you are,
    And I wonder why you must be so very, very far;
I gaze at the laughing Cheshire-cat moon in the night,
    And I know you and I will always be right.


Heaven isn't the place it's made out to be
No angels with wings or doves flying free
No castles on clouds or thrones of sunlight
Angels cast out have put up a good fight

Heaven isn't a place full of love and warmth
Behind angel's hollow smiles the demons haunt
Claws that tear daily at my so-called dreams
Sharp teeth in mouths bursting at the seams

Heaven isn't a bright place full of laughter
Instead, angry souls that hiss "Faster, faster!"
Broken bones and bloodied bat wings
Red bandages that replace old slings

What happened to those killed in holocaust?
Angry lost angels that spontaneously combust
In gas and smoke, they make their way
To hell's gates, their dead bodies lay

Why were they cast out of heaven?
Their dreams and hopes to earth are leaden
Weighted down, held by human hands
Their heavy feet will drag the land

Heaven's lost its angelic feeling,
Just an object to suppress the calling
Suppressing questions that children will ask
Is it really there or is it just a mask?

Heaven, heaven, heaven come do your work,
The tears you bring when in darkness you lurk
What do you base on to bring us hope and life?
You've cast angels out just to avoid some strife.

Heaven, heaven, heaven are you real?
Sucking in children's souls just so you can be filled.
Heaven, heaven, heaven is a lie,
Angels holding flaming swords with nowhere they can fly.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Rainy Weather

Most call it dreary-
When storm clouds are teary-
"So dim and dark...
No fun at the park!"
They fuss, see, and whine-
Sitting on their behinds,
But the rest see the glory-
And the beautiful, magical story-
A story every time is rains
A story of anything- happy or pained...
The rain, the thunder, they play as a band-
They're poets, musicians, composing hand in hand!
They clash and strike and fall in synchrosity-
Playing, entertaining, delighting simultaneously
Ah, give me a thunderstorm any day-
Rain over sunshine, I say!
You sit and mope, seeing only mud
While I laugh and dance in the oncoming flood
Rainy weather is the life, you see;
Rainy weather is the kind for me!

The Story of the Hills

The story in the hills
None but the trees hear;
When all is quiet and still
The trees listen, gaze, and peer.

The story in the hills
Is told again and again;
When all is quiet and still,
The tale is told far from the ears of men.

The old, old oak sways in the breeze 'til
His branches are stretched and ready;
When all is quiet and still
The oak begins with voice all creaky.

He tells of the rabbits, opposoms, dear;
He tells of the squirrel, monkey and bear;
He speaks, his voice growing stronger for all to hear;
He speaks with meaning, love, and care.

The story of the hills-
The story passed down from oak unto oak
When all is quiet and still-
The story, the telling, when all awoke.

The beginning of the forest-
There was the Master who spoke,
And His feet the first grasses kissed;
"The first of all green swayed as He passed," said the oak.

"Then," continued he,
"The Lord molded man.
He gave heart, spirit, soul, will free,
And He gave dominion and land."

Far away in the hills
The old, old oak in the dale-
When all was quiet and still-
Passed on the history, the tale.

The beginning of the oceans, land, creatures,
The beginning of the earth,
The beginning of his her,
And, of course, he spoke of the forest's birth.

The old, old oak went on and on;
He told of all worlds' genesis;
He passed His story from dusk to dawn,
From morn of sun to night of mist.

Then all was quiet and still-
The forest absorbing its past.
The story of the hills-
The story passed down again at last.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Were The World Mine

Were The World Mine,
You would love me till I die,
Were The World Mine,
You would never, ever cry.

Were The World Mine,
They wouldn’t be like this,
Were The World Mine,
They wouldn’t hate a kiss.

Were The World Mine,
I would not be afraid,
Were The World Mine,
A good world would be made.

Were The World Mine,
It wouldn’t be afraid of change,
Were The World mine,
It would not care in sexual range.

Were The World Mine,
Everything would be fine,
Were The World Mine,
There would be no drawing of the line.

If only the world were mine...

The Hunger Games, A Poem

It’s sadistic, cruel, unforgiveable.
It’s menacing, evil, unforgettable.
This is what life is now,
Where you compete to live.

Where a young girl knows nothing,
An old boy knows everything,
Where she is bred to harvest,
He is bred for battle.

They fight, fight, fight.
They run, run, run.
They hide, hide, hide.
They die, die, die.

Snow has all the power,
Whiteness resembling evil,
What he says, what he does,
Is what the world follows.

Our life is based on fear,
Fear that we will be chosen,
To compete in the arena,
For what we call The Hunger Games.

The Falling Star

The Falling Star,
It shines so bright,
Like diamonds in the sun,
Sparkling in all directions.

The Falling Star,
In the dark, midnight sky,
Is so beautiful, is so fast,
Before it drops with all its might.

The Falling Star,
A trail of fire behind it,
Crashes down,
Right into my hands.

The Falling Star,
It is so warm,
Like it fills the missing holes,
And makes me feel alive.

The Falling Star,
It starts to die,
It wants to leave my side,
It wants to go back home.

The Falling Star,
Has now given me holes,
Puncturing my heart,
Leaving me for dead.

The Falling Star,
Has taken all my life,
All my love,
All my soul.

The Falling Star,
I hate it now,
I wish that it would die,
I want to be rid of it.

The Falling Star,
Finally leaves me,
After months of playing with my mind,
After leaving me to die.

The Falling Star,
I say, "Good ridance,"
And look for another
Light in the sky.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Glow for all the world to see!
Your light may be small,
But in the dark, it shines the brightest of all!

Glow for all the world to see!
Your beam could be purple or blue or green,
But to more than you know, it has the greatest sheen.

Glow for all the world to see!
Repel the dark, and light up the earth with your thoughts,
Because greatness is what you can achieve with goodness you have wrought.

The Wind

The whispering wind speaks in my ear.
             Beckoning tendrils dry my tears.
The howling gale pushes me onward.
             Into the world it gently lured.

"Flow with life," is quietly whispers
             "Be strong, my sweet one," it purrs
"Do what you can," it drives me up a hill
               "You've done it!" it's suddenly still.


A window-through-to look at the earth,
Is liken to that of a book double worth.

Ghostly Apparition

In my dreams,
     In my life,
All around-
         My ghost is rife!

He follows me.
      He smiles at me.
He speaks to me.
          I'm never lonely.

"Don't forsake me, ghost!
      Stay, I prithee!
Walk through walls, my dear
          Stay with me."

He answers yes, he always will...
       Until the day I want anew...
"No, no, dear ghost, you're all I need!"
          He smiles- happy- "I'll stay with you."

All who know me call me crazy,
       But I don't care.
My guardian ghost is there;
          They learn fast not to dare.

My lovely boy,
        I stayed with him
'Till I was old and gray!
          My dearest apparition.

How the Sun Set

(a poem based on Skyril's 'How the Sun Rose')

The sun set in blazes of red;
The sky sighed in dark blue tiredness.
The clouds seemed like sheep you count before bed;
That's how the sun set.

The roof upon which I sat
Became a dark black-white indigo.
The moon shined and painted the scenery softly;
That's how night fell.

And with Night I fell to the hands of Dreams
My eyes closed yet my mind was delighted!
And the moon - gazing down at my dreams - saw a smile on my tired face. 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

How the Sun Rose

The sun rose in purples and pinks;
The sky seemed to laugh a joyful laugh.
The clouds bespeckled the heavens in winks!
That's how the sun rose.

The beach upon which I sat
Was painted in orange and yellow.
The sun took a gander wearing her peacock hat!
That's how the sun rose.

The roaring ocean lit up with fire
Happily absorbing her sun's morning rays!
And the sun-looking down with a smile- turned the world to a burning blaze.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Best of Us

 *This obviously isn't perfect, but I hope you like it anyway :]

K is for kind-
A sweet, caring mind.
L is for lovely-
Like golden honey.
I for ingenuity-
Such creativity!
T is for terrific!
Absolutely magic!

P is for a party
Enveloping everybody!
N is for a ninja!
Delightful drama!
R is for regal...
Amazing angel!
G is for golden!
Obviously heroin!
N is for normally nacreous, not narquois, neanic, never a nebbich, brilliantly neon, and naturally nimble!

Kallista Pendragon are the words for a fantastic friend with greatness full!

Poetry Block

Poetry block,
        Oh, poetry block!
Have you ever had....
                Poetry block?

Cant think of a what...
        Or when to say!
Poetry blocked!
               For all of the day!

Maybe a rose...
        What of a bee?
No, no! None- not one!
              Why can't you see?

You're poetry blocked!
         Yes, poetry blocked!
What to do?
               Your poetry's stopped!

Perhaps a diversion-
          A fun thing to do...,
But when you come back,
               You're still stumped and blue!

Think of a kitten-
          Mischievous, cute!
But rather dismayed,
               You still come up mute!

You think of a stone-
         Some discarded rock;
What comes to your mind?
                Naught but a block.

Oh, joy! You've got it!
         A scheme to unlock!
You're writing again!
               All thanks to your poetry block.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Wind and You and I

You and I and the wind
Went out to the open field
To breathe the grain's soul
To dance with the flowing river
To bleat with the passing cattle
We've gone to escape from here.

The three of us in a tramp's outdoor song
The wind and you and I.

I picked you a thorn and a flower
You kissed a young sheep on the way
And a jackal escaped from our path
We cried with a tree during fall
We laughed and continued our travels
Me and the wind and you.

You and I and the wind,
The tree of us in a tramp's outdoor song
The wind and you and I.

You and I and the wind
Didn't return for a rest
Gulping down paths and fields
Suddenly we reached the sea
In front of the waves we kneeled
The wind carried on alone.

And with it sails a  tramp's outdoor song
We're left just you and I.

I translated this song. I met the writer of it today. Here's the best version of the original I found:

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Blue Butterfly

The butterfly-
         Delicate-like lace-
Flitting about at a definite pace.
          Blue as can be-
She is just like the sea!

The lovely creature,
          She sets down to rest-
Her wings spread out wide 'lest
          Her a predator spies,
For the pretty lass needn't hide;
                   Her beauty is her defense.

The candy to sight
          Daintily takes to the air!
Great eyes stare up from her
          Wings of a pair.
As she sets down again,
           Great contrast is she
To the browns of the leaves
           Upon which she leans.

The butterfly of blue
           Some would call weak-
Her end would come swiftly
           With the peck of a beak-
But, nay, she is strong-
           To our view: a melody, a song,
But to a bird-
           Frightful, indeed, is the word!

Her doorway to the soul
           Appears and seems
Big and black as coal;
            Rather, 'tis her wings that beam-
Not her eyes-
            So full of innocent cries!
The sweet butterfly.

The little blue fairy-
           She flies to the sky!
Her wings all a-flutter-
            Waving goodbye.
I know, lovely friend,
             I will see you again.
Perhaps in the spring,
             I'll meet your children!
Farewell for now to thee;
             May a happy life be
To make you so happy,
                      Dear butterfly.

Dream with Me

Oh, when I dream,
         I dream of thee-
I dream of magic and the sea.
I dream of creatures far beyond.
I dream of mermaids in a pond.
I dream of dragons far away.
I dream of all the forest's Faye.
I dream of giants way up high.
I dream of monsters! My, oh, my!
The dreams I dream are mystical,
They're magical and wonderful!
 Oh, when I dream,
          I dream of thee-
So come, please come, and dream with me!

A Home is the Heart

A house is a building-
No more, no less:
What one is gilding-
A structure at best,

But a home should be more-
Comfy and warm.
A home should have an open door,
and never be an unwelcoming dorm.

A home can be anywhere-
Big place or small;
A home is with people who care-
With people who help if you fall.

A house is a place-
No more than this;
It has no face,
Nor welcoming kiss.

A home so they say,
Is where your heart is:
A place you love and want to stay:
When you're away, the place you miss.

So if it's with an uncle, a friend, or a spouse
Or just some forest you love to roam-
Whether or not you have a house-
Just know you'll always have a home.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Killing Me

* This poem sucks. Don't care. (not sure it classifies as a poem)

I am so scared

And all alone

This thing crept in

And took hold of me

It got me when

All others left

And held me prisoner

In it's grip

Left so often

All on my own

I turned to the beast

To help me cope

It's poison slowly took root

And burned my skin

But it provided the relief

And peace of mind

That I had been

So often robbed off

I wish so much

that those in my life

had been there when

I needed them most.

But they were not.

I fell.

And I continue to fall.

Sometimes I wish

I had just died.

I might die anyways

Now because of what

I have done

But no one will

Ever take responsibility

Except for me

And my pain

Which is so hard to bare

My last means to cope

Is killing me

But without it I will fall

Never to get back up

No one will care

But oh how it burns

And blisters my skin

My heart has pumped

Poison in and back out again.

Where is the love of God?

Will it end like this?

Only time will tell.

Saturday, 3 March 2012


This is a song originally in hebrew sung by Aviv Gefen. I heard it on the radio today and thought I should translate and post it. Here's a link to the original:

You came along with winter
With a smile in your two eyes
You looked at me and I already knew how
How an autumn of love
Falls on the earth of our life
What do we do now asks me your heart

Stars above us
They know everything that happens
Time is no big deal
We don't care where

You were in a certain month
And we were awaiting a child
When he was born I called him Aviv [spring]
Because he symboled a passing phase
In which I waited for the freedom
No one reclaims for themselves

You cried when I left
For the village gardens
Where I planted a beginning
Where I cut down a family

And here summer lies
In the garden by the child
Who looked at me with two sad eyes
Come back to mother he whispered to me
And I suddenly felt
How freedom slowly turns to loneliness

In the window a family is walking
And my child is sleeping on the couch
And suddenly you're missed
In my heart the light fades

So with fall I returned
And on your neck I put
A necklace of true promises
My love please forgive me
I know I was wrong
But like nature
The heart has four seasons.