Saturday, 3 March 2012


This is a song originally in hebrew sung by Aviv Gefen. I heard it on the radio today and thought I should translate and post it. Here's a link to the original:

You came along with winter
With a smile in your two eyes
You looked at me and I already knew how
How an autumn of love
Falls on the earth of our life
What do we do now asks me your heart

Stars above us
They know everything that happens
Time is no big deal
We don't care where

You were in a certain month
And we were awaiting a child
When he was born I called him Aviv [spring]
Because he symboled a passing phase
In which I waited for the freedom
No one reclaims for themselves

You cried when I left
For the village gardens
Where I planted a beginning
Where I cut down a family

And here summer lies
In the garden by the child
Who looked at me with two sad eyes
Come back to mother he whispered to me
And I suddenly felt
How freedom slowly turns to loneliness

In the window a family is walking
And my child is sleeping on the couch
And suddenly you're missed
In my heart the light fades

So with fall I returned
And on your neck I put
A necklace of true promises
My love please forgive me
I know I was wrong
But like nature
The heart has four seasons.

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