Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Cheshire-cat Moon

I gaze at the Cheshire-cat moon in the sky,
    And I wonder where you are- far... or nigh;
I hear the rain and wind, howling, weeping,
    And I wonder if you're awake or sleeping;
The birds and the 'hoppers sing songs to me,
    And I wonder if your blithesome or melancholy;
The breeze in the night lays dead, quiet, and still,
    And I wonder how you are- healthy... or ill;
A thousand silent graves fill me with sorrow,
    And I wonder if I'll hear from you at all tomorrow
I think of how you feel, what you're doing, where you are,
    And I wonder why you must be so very, very far;
I gaze at the laughing Cheshire-cat moon in the night,
    And I know you and I will always be right.

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