Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Heaven isn't the place it's made out to be
No angels with wings or doves flying free
No castles on clouds or thrones of sunlight
Angels cast out have put up a good fight

Heaven isn't a place full of love and warmth
Behind angel's hollow smiles the demons haunt
Claws that tear daily at my so-called dreams
Sharp teeth in mouths bursting at the seams

Heaven isn't a bright place full of laughter
Instead, angry souls that hiss "Faster, faster!"
Broken bones and bloodied bat wings
Red bandages that replace old slings

What happened to those killed in holocaust?
Angry lost angels that spontaneously combust
In gas and smoke, they make their way
To hell's gates, their dead bodies lay

Why were they cast out of heaven?
Their dreams and hopes to earth are leaden
Weighted down, held by human hands
Their heavy feet will drag the land

Heaven's lost its angelic feeling,
Just an object to suppress the calling
Suppressing questions that children will ask
Is it really there or is it just a mask?

Heaven, heaven, heaven come do your work,
The tears you bring when in darkness you lurk
What do you base on to bring us hope and life?
You've cast angels out just to avoid some strife.

Heaven, heaven, heaven are you real?
Sucking in children's souls just so you can be filled.
Heaven, heaven, heaven is a lie,
Angels holding flaming swords with nowhere they can fly.

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  1. ~Hugs BB~
    Beautiful poem! Hey, you should come online more often, BB! We miss you, and I finally posted your OC on spg-unitedtowrite.blogspot.com :D
    So come around soon!