Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Best of Us

 *This obviously isn't perfect, but I hope you like it anyway :]

K is for kind-
A sweet, caring mind.
L is for lovely-
Like golden honey.
I for ingenuity-
Such creativity!
T is for terrific!
Absolutely magic!

P is for a party
Enveloping everybody!
N is for a ninja!
Delightful drama!
R is for regal...
Amazing angel!
G is for golden!
Obviously heroin!
N is for normally nacreous, not narquois, neanic, never a nebbich, brilliantly neon, and naturally nimble!

Kallista Pendragon are the words for a fantastic friend with greatness full!


  1. This is brilliant, Skyril!!

    Kal, you truly are as amazing as Skyril excelently describes, and much more so!

    *hugs and noogies them both*

  2. *hugs Skyril tightly*
    You give me more then what I deserve. Thank you for this beautiful poem. You encouraged me again my dear sister! *hugs and won't let go*
    Thank you for this gift and especially for the gift og your epic friendship. :')

  3. ~Hugs Red and Kal back~
    Nah, Kal, this is less than what you deserve! I'm glad I could do something small for you, though :3