Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Ghostly Apparition

In my dreams,
     In my life,
All around-
         My ghost is rife!

He follows me.
      He smiles at me.
He speaks to me.
          I'm never lonely.

"Don't forsake me, ghost!
      Stay, I prithee!
Walk through walls, my dear
          Stay with me."

He answers yes, he always will...
       Until the day I want anew...
"No, no, dear ghost, you're all I need!"
          He smiles- happy- "I'll stay with you."

All who know me call me crazy,
       But I don't care.
My guardian ghost is there;
          They learn fast not to dare.

My lovely boy,
        I stayed with him
'Till I was old and gray!
          My dearest apparition.

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