Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A Home is the Heart

A house is a building-
No more, no less:
What one is gilding-
A structure at best,

But a home should be more-
Comfy and warm.
A home should have an open door,
and never be an unwelcoming dorm.

A home can be anywhere-
Big place or small;
A home is with people who care-
With people who help if you fall.

A house is a place-
No more than this;
It has no face,
Nor welcoming kiss.

A home so they say,
Is where your heart is:
A place you love and want to stay:
When you're away, the place you miss.

So if it's with an uncle, a friend, or a spouse
Or just some forest you love to roam-
Whether or not you have a house-
Just know you'll always have a home.

1 comment:

  1. BRILLIANT! I love this cause it speaks the truth! You have written it our beautifully!
    Someday I hope to live in a home! :D
    Well done Skyril You really aught to think about getting all your poems published. They are all treasures meant to be read and read again! YAY!
    *hugs her*