Saturday, 17 March 2012

Poetry Block

Poetry block,
        Oh, poetry block!
Have you ever had....
                Poetry block?

Cant think of a what...
        Or when to say!
Poetry blocked!
               For all of the day!

Maybe a rose...
        What of a bee?
No, no! None- not one!
              Why can't you see?

You're poetry blocked!
         Yes, poetry blocked!
What to do?
               Your poetry's stopped!

Perhaps a diversion-
          A fun thing to do...,
But when you come back,
               You're still stumped and blue!

Think of a kitten-
          Mischievous, cute!
But rather dismayed,
               You still come up mute!

You think of a stone-
         Some discarded rock;
What comes to your mind?
                Naught but a block.

Oh, joy! You've got it!
         A scheme to unlock!
You're writing again!
               All thanks to your poetry block.

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