Friday, 3 February 2012


I read about death once
Lying around
Lifeless and gone
Bleeding out...
Cold to the bone
Would be shivering...
Were they not so very cold
But they were
I thought it might
Not be...
So very bad..
Laying there..
A lily pad floating by
So very spry in spring
Might be good
Of course,
How could...
I even do that..
When I have such lovely friends?
Not all are lovely
But some indeed
Vibrant and wonderful
And none of the lovely
ever shun the bad
Indeed, all're well read
And, of course very fun
No, I shan't go
I couldn't go
Leaving behind all my lovely friends
Death will have to wait
For the arrow from the bow
Or the crew of the crow
And the cold, cold snow
To come and go
And take me home
Along time away,
For a long time ago
One cold day away
He died for me
And I will be
There, but far away
When the crow crews
And the snow falls
And the arrow flies
I'll be there.

Just not quite yet


  1. WOW SKyril! INCREDIBLEPOEM! So very deap and wo nderful th eway you wrote it. I'm quite t aken with it! :D
    Thanks fo rposting this beautiful heart moving poem.
    *hugs tightly*

  2. Brilliant :') Not much else I can say about it. *saves to desktop to print later*

  3. This is such a lovely poem, Skyril. I love it!