Monday, 6 February 2012

Sonnet of Inspiration

I know that writing isn't what I do,
It's something that I fail at every turn,
And though the problem's really nothing new,
It strikes me now how much these poems burn,

I'll try to view this in a different light,
'Cause you say I have talent of a sort,
I realise now that really, you are right,
And writing's easier than I had thought,

You are my inspiration now, alone,
I would have written nothing, not a line,
And now a palace, like a tree, has grown,
Amidst my mess of thoughts, that buzz and whine,

Now it is done, this not so epic feat,
I love you, and the poem is complete.


  1. Ooooh! A PALACE! I LOVE palaces!
    *eyes poem crazily*
    Something tells me I should not be here. The poem is for someone else. But who?
    *strokes RED beard thoughtfully*
    *shrugs* Oh well.
    *sees a RED floer* Oh how lovely.
    *puts on her RED shoes and dances out, still not knowing who this splendid poem is for*

  2. *flowers
    LOL For the typo above.
    Can't believe I did that! Why, I'm so mad I'm seeing RED!


  3. BTW Pyro. I'm Kallista. *shakes hand*

    *pauses then shakes foot too*

    We used to know each other WAY back when. We were kids back then.

    *stands there ackwardly for a moment*
    Well, this is fun.
    *walks off whistling RED River Valley*

  4. *grins crazily*

    Pyro, I love you so much! This poem is amazing, it really is!

    Damn catch!

    One hundred and thirty.. ^^

    Kal, you actually made me laugh here! And I'm at school and people are looking at me weird..

    BUT FUCK THEM, I'M FABULOUS! *horse pose*