Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Lifeless Plain.

I'm new at poetry, So, this might not be that good.

The barren, derelict waste land,
Upon which I stand,
Holds no life, no more, 
Long gone and forgotten,

The wind blows less and less,
The hard barren earth is at no loss,
It hurts to see the skeletal birds,
Dying and at pain, where,

The black rain water flows,
Straight from this land, down,
Down quick and easy, just like my soul
Swiftly and fast, O,

The sight to ponder, 
The sight to get sick on,
Sometimes I do wonder, O,
What happened to this, this? Oh why?

The barren derelict wasteland,
Upon which I used to stand,
Holds no life, no more, long gone,
Forgotten and dead.


  1. This is a dark, moving and beautiful poem Flame that stirs the emotions.
    I'm so glad you are now part of this worthy blog and have posted this poem. It is truely a wonderful piece!
    Thanks for posting it!

  2. Wonderful poem, Flame! Amazingly mysterious, I love it :)

    I'm sure you're a natural, seeing how good this poem was ^^

  3. Wowza. I love it Flame. Brilliant imagery...and now my English GSCE is talking.

    Without over analysig every minute detail of this poem *glares at English teacher*, I think it's brilliant. A little morbid, but brilliant.