Thursday, 19 January 2012

I Fear It

The pain, it envelops me,
The crying, it does nothing.
I lift my head, I smile,
I only get hurt in return.

It beats fast,
Frightened from pain it runs.
I can't run,
I have to stay and fight.

I can't leave, I can't go.
I have to tough it out,
With my fragile little body,
And my rather confused mind.

I don't know if I'll make it,
If I'll survive.
What I do know is...
Death is coming.


  1. *hugs Gep* You are a gifted writer and poet Gep. It's good to read another one of your poems.
    You WILL survive and you WILL have a good long life! *hugs*
    You have your friends (who are also your blog family) by your side!
    FTW GEP!
    *hugs tightly*

  2. Gep this is really good! Thrilling and deep and amazing!
    *cheers on Gep* Don't be afraid of ANYTHING. If you have the right attitude, nothing can stand in your way!

  3. I hope you won't leave me, my friend, for a very long time, indeed.
    Death may be coming but far into the future :]
    ~Hugs and puts a magical spell around Geppy]