Tuesday, 24 January 2012

This Time

This time last month I breathed
Inhaling in and out
I hoped for best and just confessed
I'm really glad I did

This time last month I didn't know
How perfect it could be
It's the best time I've ever had
I'll never let it go

Just sing for me, I'll smile
I will give you the words
The future in our heart now starts
I wish I would've known

Be strong, for there are months ahead
They might be hard at times,
But we will make it work, I know
Our love will never end

Thank you for being my reason to smile, and for making this past month the most perfect month I've had in my life. I love you so very much!


  1. *cries happy tears and hugs them both* CONGRATS YOU TWO! MAY YOU HAVE MANY MORE YEARS OF THIS! At least a 101! REG
    YAY! *throws confetti everywhere*
    Lovely poem Red. Very moving and heartwarming.

  2. Wow! Congratulations! I didn't know I missed it :/
    Well, THAT, was a beautiful poem! Really, really, fntastic and wonderful :D