Sunday, 1 January 2012

A breath,
A sigh,
A gasp of pain
They won't comply
We can't sustain

A malady
We can't repress.

Let us breathe
And let alone.
Relax, relax
And don't bemoan!

Don't yell and shout.
Don't even whisper.
Relax, relax!
Don't you bicker!

Won't even do
Don't grunt and beckon
Don't push askew
Relax, relax!
See our point of view!

Pushed and shoved-
Forced to comply
Tension, unease
We should say goodbye
Just let us breathe

We want to be friends
We've tried to be friends
So give a little, hereto
And relax, relax!
See our point of view!

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