Sunday, 1 January 2012

Free to Soar in Majesty

Pain in my heart
What to say?
What to do?
I don't know
I don't know

I don't know what to do
Take my own advice
Let alone
Let alone

Let be free
Let soar through the air
Let stride in majesty
Let shine with a flare

Let be
Let go
Let see
Let glow

Never will I want be gone
But I'll let
I'll let what needs be done

If returns then cheers throughout
And if not then tears about
And yet whate'er choice is made
I'll let
I will
I'll let be free

Free to soar in majesty


  1. This, Sky, is a work of art. I really, really love it. There's actually a tune to it in my head, it goes:
    Tun tuuuuun tuntuntuntunn....

    Anyway, amazing poem, Skyril! *hugs*

  2. If you could make it into a song, that would be awesome :]
    not many lyrics, though wo it might have to be a slow song :P