Thursday, 6 October 2011

Some Things in Life

Some Things in Life

Lost in a maze of puzzles and thoughts
Where something was but now is not
Faiths, beliefs are tested often
Love is lost and ideals soften

Colors blend and mix and change
but somehow views have stayed the same
We should see blue, and white, and red
but we just see black and white instead

Friendships always are evolving
just as the world keeps revolving
Happiness and love make up a life
just as much as turmoil and strife

Hearts can open and they can close
Melt like candy when offered a rose
Freeze like ice when they're ignored
and shatter like glass when love is no more

But we know that children will cry
it is inevitable that the elders will die
We can't predict when we'll feel pain
but at least some things in life will always remain


  1. Amazing Ruby!


    I love this poem!

  2. Just like I said on your blog I love this poem so much!

    Awesome to see you around again!


    And bring Nicole with you!

  3. Particularly loved the second verse with the colours.

    Might as well join in with the hug.

    *joins hug*

  4. Thank you everyone!
    Hour-long periods of silent study at school sometimes produce masterpieces. Sometimes they produce what you see above. ;)

    *group hugs all*

    (p.s) Octa, I'll try to find Nicole and drag her back to the land of the living! :D
    (oh, I haven't told you? - Nicole recently became a zombie... ooooh. XD)