Thursday, 6 October 2011

Me, Myself and I

Am I better off dead
Than in this hell, in this war
Between Me, Myself and I
Raging on forevermore

Should I listen to my heart
Where lies are softly spoken
With softness, caressing remorse
My soul left not be broken

Or perhaps the answer's in the mind
Where cold, hard truths are shouted,
Maybe there I'll find the answer
And trust, it won't be doubted

A bitter war, no end in sight
Between me, and heart, and mind
A loss of one is the only way
I can possibly decide


  1. Epica poem! Sorry, I don't normally use one word replies, really really really good poem!!! :D

  2. Thanks! :D
    I do think it was first-timee-luck, though. Poems aren't my strong side.. But yeah, this one did come out nicely (: