Monday, 17 October 2011


Lost in a world of shadows and despair,
The stink of terror is strong in the air,
No sense of time or sight or touch,
With only the screaming, you don't know much,
A great inky chasm, a giant dark plain,
Filled with sorrow and grief to drive you insane,
An inhuman cry splits the air,
A spine-chilling scream raises your hair,
A moment of silence, the whispers have ceased,
The air becomes stiller, as we wait for the beast,
A massive horned figure, haunting the mind,
Destroying the souls of any it finds,
Waiting for those still with hope to give up,
It drinks from their souls as if from a cup,
An empty shell is all that's left,
A dusty casket - a broken chest.



    *scoops up Chan and runs like the dicken's*

    *tosses jaffa cakes back at teh beast*
    EAT THAT you big soul eating BULLY!

    OK Chan! Seriously, this is one epica poem! VEry terrifing and well written!
    It's so aawesoem to read something from you again! *hugs* Now it wil be ice just to SEE You and maybe have even chat!
    Well done myfriend!

  2. *hugs chan*

    but how did you post this at 1:30pm GMT? Thats school *hugs* I assume that school is part of the inspiration. PC me... school will, unfortunatley, get worse before it gets better. Just keep your chin up, and remember that teachers are not your enemies, is all that can be truly done
    oh, and everyone is as scared as you. They just hide it better. ;)

    Its beautiful though, true talent!

  3. Wow wow wow wow wow wow WOW! This is amazing! You are really talented, Chan!

  4. Epica poem Chan!

    Actually, we're on school holiday at the moment.