Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Ode to Octalista

A girl so kind, a boy so wise,
Amongst emerald grass and purple skies,
They stare into each other's eyes,
The perfect, perfect couple.

When they're together angels sing,
The girl presents him with a ring,
The diamond in it, dazzling,
The very best proposal.

Now down the aisle, dressed in white,
There comes Kallista, quite a sight,
Her beauty shines, a blinding light,
Pefection half completed.

She's greeted by the groom and he,
Is wonderfully good company,
They dance with joy and laugh with glee,
As man and wife, forever.


  1. This is BEAUTIFUL Pyro! I love it! I amhonored that you wrote us a lovely poem. I will treasure it forever! As alwasy I marvel over your skill as I do with your dear brother.Such epica talent you two have!
    *hugs* Thanks you so much for writing and posting this.

  2. Octalista... xD That's epica, who came up with that?

    Great poem :)

  3. Epica poem, Pyro! Love the rhyming (: