Sunday, 27 November 2011

Wayfaring Stranger

I wrote this in like, 30 minutes. So don't expect anything particularly impressive. I just felt like posting. Oh, and yes, it is named after the song :)

Wayfaring Stranger
Your face is burnt with age,
Your throat covered in stalagmites of sand,
The glisten of water in your eyes,
Lost in a desert of choice.

Grown old of waiting, have you?
Has the hurt withered your bones?
Strong once, brittle now,
You are long gone to the world.

Too scared to break hearts,
Where did that get you?
There’s no map down in this land
But you didn’t learn the routes.

There were many paths to take,
And many wonders to see.
But instead you only saw
This golden hell.

I feel pity for you,
Lonely and unfulfilled.
“If only, if only,”
You mutter everyday

You could have had something
But now you have nothing
And still can, but won’t.

Your fear rules you
As you learnt
Every action
Has a dire consequence

Stay in this place
With no words on your lips
No strength in your hands
You will always be weak

I’ll let you feel the roughness on your tongue
And taste the bitter aftertaste
As every time, you put them
Before you.


  1. Awww. *hugs*

    This poem is so sad and amazing.

    Comments are love!


  2. This is such a sweet and melancholy poem. I love it!

  3. Beautiful but heartbreaking poem. I love it even though it is sad. The way it is writen is so wonderful and descriptive. Thank you Quinn for posting this amazing poem! I love it when you write!
    *hugs tightly*

  4. QUINNIIEEE *hugs*
    So sad and SO marvelous! LOVE IT!