Monday, 28 November 2011

You are not alone

Poet's note: I haven't posted in a while, but that's mostly because I've abandoned poetry to my own blood. Now I know better, and I've fearfully picked the pen up again. But I hope my skills at poetry have not diminished. This is for the "Not Alone, All together" project, in which I have taken part. Enjoy.

Seems familiar?
You search uselessly for a way out.
Darkness boils within.
A bright angel, demolished.
Death beckons to you with a crooked finger.
The knife, it seems so tempting.
The gun, so innocent.
All it needs is a small movement of a suicidal muscle.
But stop.
There is hope in the darkness, a light,
The green exit sign entices you to a world of colour
From under his cowl, Death hisses in defiance.
But he can do no more than watch you go.
Pale hands steady your shaking feet
Walking out, tasting freedom so sweet
Ignore their teasing and raucous laughter
Your antagonistic reaction is what they're after
Shine your way out of fear
Hold on to hope that is so dear
Once you leave the monochrome behind
Happiness and colour is all you'll find
Five words, fallen angel, comes the voice from the phone
I cannot emphasize enough -- You are not alone.


  1. Wow! I'm so glad you posted this!
    I'm kinda new, and the last poem you posted was before I got here. And I truly love the beautiful, melancholic way you describe feelings. I'm happy for you that you picked up the pen again, and I hope you'll find happiness in writing! *hugs*

  2. My gosh BB! *hugs her* YOU are so AMAZING! Your poem is so EPICA! I can't tell you how HAPPY I am to be reading one of you rpoems again! XDDD
    It's such a wonderful poem. Sad but with hope! WEll done BB.
    Thank for posting this *hugs again*

  3. Just... Brilliant, Tessa :) Wish there were more to say but the poem's got that kind of effect- just so awesome that I can barely describe it.