Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Depression's an expression to express extreme emotions,
Feeling blue, depressed, you, decide not to take action,
And so, depression builds, you want it all to end,
You think of suicide, but by common sense abide, and do not take your life,
Think of happiness, and joy, not depressing circumstances, lose yourself in fancies,
Be happy, not depressed, lest you become, one with a touch of blue, who writes only to warn you,
Of depression, an expression, to define your deepest blue.


  1. Depression sucks. I've had a bit of a tough time last year, but yeah, it passes when you realise how small the bad thing was compared to all the good :)

    Beautifully written, Chan! Gosh there's a lot of depression going on here these past few poems..

    Must... Write.... Something..... Happy......!

  2. *hugs Chan*
    You are such a gifted writer Chan. This is so sad. I have been depressed befre. Iwas for a very long time and suisde was on my mind so much and was attempted even.
    Ihope you and my other friends never get so low in your lives. Each of your lives are so precious. I know we are often around those who do not treat us so fairly or kindly. I hope though that yo uallow us to be with you Chan to encourage you and remind you of what an epic guy you are when you feel so down.
    *hugs again*
    I am so honored to have you as one of my dear freinds.