Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Standing on the edge, looking out upon the darkness,
It seems to be the only path of light amid a sea of black,
One step, one step, one step, an echoing mantra, a despairing song,
Rocks slide as you shift closer to the edge, you know there's no other way,
A narrow path of light in the blackness, one way, one way, one way...out......

Jump, jump......jump..........................................

1 comment:

  1. But if you turn around you see the light
    Friendship, love in a blog family so tight.
    Before your eyes more paths then shall appear
    Just take my hand and from this cliff dissapear.
    You are to me a wonderful gifted friend
    Closer then a sister and brother
    My love for you will never end.
    Don't give up. Hold on to hope
    Chan my brother, I now stand
    between you and the eadge.

    If you don't turn around and see
    the hope that is there for you.
    I'll pick you up
    throw you over my shoulder
    and carry you from this place.

    (I love your poems Chan for they are real and deep and writen by a master hand. *hugs* Come talk to me again my friend. I miss chatting with you)