Wednesday, 14 December 2011


A glow.
So faint, so small, so insignificant
It means nothing at all.

A flicker.
Morphing light and shadow into shapes
Yet hardly noticeable.

A spark.
Engulfing everything in light
But for a split second.

It catches!
A flame begins, it feels so glorious
The warmth and brightness.

A fire.
It feeds on sadness, anger and despair
Leaving good in it's wake.

It burns!
It's eaten all things good and it's still hungry
Consuming everything.

A shell.
It's all that's left.


  1. Oh you naughty fire! *scolds it then dives after it making it cough back up all happiness and good things*

    *feeds it veggies instead*

    FTW WONDERFUL Poem Red! *hugs* I LOVE IT!
    You are a gifted writer!

  2. *hugs back* Thanks! :D

    *stares at fire, which is now eating a salad with one hand and holding up a RSPCA sign in the other*

  3. Thankyou, thankyou *bows*
    Glad you liked it! :D