Monday, 19 December 2011

The Ho, Ho, Ho Man

Sat, I wait,
For the jolly man in red,
Some cookies as bait,
I decide to hide in bed.

I hear a bump,
And then a laugh,
There's his rump,
Or is it just half?

His wispy beard,
His big red hat,
I readied as he neared,
With my baseball bat.

"Ho, ho, ho!" he cried,
Before I jumped out,
And said, "You lied."

Then I let fire,
With my new gun,
And happily said,
"Ho, ho, ho, bitch."

Yes, it's true, I hate Santa.


  1. *applauds* Gepard Valk everybody, now officially bat shit insane.

    but an excellent writer.

  2. I'm Jewish. Didn't like Santa to begin with. Racist bastard ^^

    Great poem Gep! I lol'ed at the line before last XD