Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Joy of Life

A whispered lie, a silver blade
The deed is done, the man is slayed
And she escapes, not one sound made;
'Tis the way of the assassin

A glint of sunlight caught his eye
A rustle of some leaves nearby
An arrow in the air does fly;
'Tis the way of the huntsman

A frightened ghasp rings through the night
A child awakes, he sweats with fright
He wipes his tears, turns on the light;
'Tis the way of nightmares

A page filled all up to the brim
A story, poem, song or hymn
Are thing a writer takes pride in;
'Tis the joy of life


  1. Next time more negativity :P

    But seriously *thumbs up*


  2. I literally can't think of anything bad about this poem!


  3. JMB (i don't feel like typing much ^^), negativity?
    But seriously, thanks!!! :D

    PYRO! Thanks so much! I wrote this at school, we've started learning Poetry in Literature!
    In Hebrew, though. Poetry sounds lame in hebrew.

  4. Why does poetry sound lame in hebrew? Frankly I think it's much greater on some levels than English poetry (although it obviously depends on the poem/poet)