Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A Silence

If only I knew what a silence could hold...
A silence, as is, not a part of a whole.
It could be many things, with context involved:

A secret witheld,

A lover's embrace,

A calm before storms.

A desparate flee,
From what you don't know,
And try to keep out.

The fear to speak out,
And say the unsaid,
Reaction unknown.

A hand on your mouth,
You want to scream out,
But no sound escapes.

But what is a silence, a stand alone term?
The lack of all sound, or perhaps, something more?
Maybe, each one defines it alone.

For me it means him,
To stare in his eyes,
With him staring back,
And then, my eyes close,
The silence - complete.

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