Monday, 7 May 2012

For Harry

Poet's note: For my dear friend who's experiencing problems in life. Thank you for being there with me when I needed you most, and now it's my turn. <3

Voices, voices, lying to you
Drown, they scream, in blood too
What can you do but to obey?
Down goes the knife, that's what they say.

Voices, voices, screaming at you
Hang, they yell, and slide the blade too
What can you do but to be convinced?
Hurtful words they carefully mince.

Voices, voices, shouting at you
What they shout you think is true.
You feel insanity trickling blood
Drowning you inside the flood

A hand pushes through the darkness
Reaching to you, the blinding brightness
Don't give up, a voice whispers
The light on your closed eyes kisses

I wish I could hug you throughout the night
Just so I can make sure that you're alright
You mean so much more than I could ever say
My life for you I would willingly pay

I wish I could let you cry on me
Crying's not a sin, it's meant to be
We're born vulnerable, to build hard shells
Only to be crushed inside dark dark hells.

You'll be alright, you'll be okay
I really promise, I truly say
I try to mend a broken mind
A broken heart takes a long long time

I can help, you need to trust me
I know you're real, no need to plea
Don't give up, I support you
Three words Harry, I love you.

Please don't say you can't go on
I know inside you're very strong
You can chase away the voices
With a little help from sideline choices

Goodnight, good luck, we'll hold till tomorrow
A step at a time, no need for the sorrow
We'll simply ignore those who just mock at us
In the end, what matters is all we ask --


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