Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Not Long Now

Distance never seperates
Two hearts that really care
For when I close my eyes and dream
You always will be there

You're in my mind in every second
Every single day
Sometime soon we will
No longer be so far away

Running through scenarios
That might or might not be
Seeing you
Imagining your smile when you see me

A fire lights my heart
As I imagine us so close
To look into your eyes
Is what I want to do the most

But until then
I'll have to use my patience and hold in
The longing and the ache and love
That fill me to the brim

Sometime missing you is simply
Far too much to take
Dreams are all I have for now
But from dreams I awake

But soon we'll be together
In the flesh, not in a dream
It's not long now.
Not long now...


  1. So beautiful! *hugs Red* Hang in there sweetie. Soon you will be with your man!
    *waggles eyebrows*

  2. *hugs back, giggling*

    Thanks, Kal :>
    *grabs her in a headlock and noogies*

    I wuv you, Kal! *farts glitter*