Wednesday, 23 May 2012

You're beautiful to me

Poet's note: This is kind of a letter... from me.... to me. .-. does that make sense?

No matter who you say you are,
No matter what you be,
Doesn't change how I look at you,
You're beautiful to me.

No matter how much to you scream or cry
No matter what you do,
The world is ugly for all I care,
You're always beautiful.

The blood that falls won't change my view
The tears are salty rain,
Smiling is the best revenge,
Temporary is the pain.

We'd love not to feel the way we do
And have rainbows in our heads
Little birds chirping all the time --
but that's not how we're made.

We're made to be imperfect,
Our flaws in flesh our soul
That's what's makes up warm and human;
beauty isn't cold.

Little outlets, solace in blood,
Surely isn't the way
Bleeding out on a blank-white canvas
To live another day

There are people who truly care
And accept without question
They aren't out to plot or kill
They have good intention.

What defines a family,
an attempt to get together?
It's a feeble attempt, then, life
This "family"'s fait-weather.

Open your eyes to people who love
Open your eyes and see
No matter what you say you are,
You're beautiful to me.


  1. *hugs* I love this. I'm always so speechless when it comes to your poems.
    And, you're beautiful to a lot of people besides yourself, remember that (:

  2. That makes PERFECT sense, trust me :D

    And by the way, THIS IS AWESOME!
    Literally, I love it!
    Amazing poem, definitely :D