Sunday, 27 May 2012


Dreaming minute after minute
And time goes by
I find myself dreaming,
And hours fly

Magic, monsters, love
All is possible
All in my dreams
All wonders available

What to dream of today?
How shall I play, I wonder
A rainstorm strikes,
A ship shakes with thunder

And up on deck
The mighty mast sways,
Creaking under
The wooden vessel brays!

But just then,
And angel in the skies
A mighty light breaks the dark
And every head on deck does rise

A peaceful calm,
A gray sun glowing
The angel smiles
And all that's heard is gentle lowing

Till with a shout
The storm clouds part
And only heard
Is singing from the heart

And, "Glory be!"
"To thine, oh Lord of all!"
"Oh, glory be"
Angels shout in bellowing call!

And with a turn
From this dream unto that
Fades the ship's massive stern
Into fogs of misty gray

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