Thursday, 3 May 2012

Will you?

I'm falling, flying, drowning fast
Bodies around me, I'm the last
What's the best that you can do?
Are you going to watch me too?

Am I just entertainment for you?
Somewhere high above, a small dove coos.
The sign of freedom, love and peace
Oh the irony, the air I missed.

Will you save me from the blood?
From the tidal waves and the floods?
What's the worst that you can do?
Are you going to watch me too?

Depression,a cancerous tumor in me,
Waiting for the chance to set me free
Free from earthly and mortal pain
Blood drips like falling rain

Thoughts incoherent, and death combines
Time and actions never rewind
Words cannot be retracted, eaten or withdrawn
A final fight, the pallbearers mourn.

Will you pull me up from the deep?
The deathlike trance, the fatal sleep
Will you save me from the floods?
From tidal waves made of blood.


  1. Awe, BB.
    The first word that comes to my mind is simply, "Woah"
    The way you write poems makes it touch your mind and heart and soul and feel what you felt as you wrote it.
    Amazing ~hugs~

  2. *hugs*

    I'm speechless. Each and every single one of your poems makes me stop and think, read it again, and be flooded with emotion. You are an extremely talented poet, not everyone has the gift for writing something that time and time again hits people right in the core of their emotions.

    I'm here for you if you need to talk about anything at all, and remember that not talking about things is also fine. I'm sorry you're having hard times and wish I could help.