Thursday, 17 May 2012

Heaven's Love of Children

Author's note
Hey, when you read this, think of the words and think of what they are. Picture it, I mean. It's really more of a picture in your head than anything. 
I got this idea, by the way, driving down the road, and I looked up at sun-setting sky. There was a cloud up there, and it looked exactly like a little baby with his arms outstretched toward the heavens. :3

Reach up to kiss the sky today
A child in the clouds
As all the time you play and play
The sky grows pink and warm

Of gold and fire the crimson heart
Is touched by those so young
And showers tumble down to kiss
And droplets, cold and sweet, to them have clung

The heavens sigh in calm morose
As crimson turns to blue
But shining bright and upward rose
A frosted veil of hope

For soon shall rise the children
And the sky will blush- enraptured
They'll sing and dance and send a kiss
The sky has joyously captured.

1 comment:

  1. WOW! *stares in awe at teh beautiful poem* SO breathtaking and BEAUTIFUL! What a vivid and vibrant picture you have painted using such magical words and descriptions Skyril! I love this! *hugs*