Monday, 30 April 2012

The Moment
I was inspired by this song. I had to write something, and this is what I listened to as I did.

The moment
I'll look into your eyes, and you'll look into mine
The tears of happiness
Will blur my vision and I'll blink so I could gaze at you
In your arms
I'll want to stay forever, but know that isn't possible
In my mind
You always are, and always will be

I love you
I hope those will be the first words I will say
Just imagine
I'll probably fail and stutter a 'hello'
You understand
I know you do, when I say this is a feeling stronger than anything
I wish
I could fast-forward to our time together, and then freeze it

Not long now
Until the perfect time I'm sure we'll have
Not for long
I'm afraid that having to seperate again will cause me too much pain
But pain
It means I care, and love, and
I do.


  1. *hugs Red tightly*
    This is so powerful and wonderful! I love it. I am glad you shared this beautiful poem with the rest of us!

  2. *hugs back tightlyer*

    I wrote this in litteraly about a minute. I just took the emotions I had and wrote them. It utterly structure-less, but I kinda like it that way :)