Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Ghost and the Girl

The sky was grey, the forest brown;
The month was May in that small town,
When everywhere there rose a shout-
A mournful scare, a wave of doubt!
For from the mist there came a shape
With tight-clenched fists that none escaped!

She was a she with moon-pale gown;
Her lips were red in perky frown;
About her neck was crimson blood,
And from her eyes poured icy flood;
Revenge she sought from every man,
And that she wrought for 'twas her plan.

But just one lass- a child was she-
Calmed her wrath benignantly:

She said, "Please, miss, why do ye this?"

"Because I hate," came whispering hiss.
"But what of friends and family?"
"I have not one," she murmured mournfully.

"I was alone, and so my life I took,
And, dejectedly, not one for it did look!
Slowly anger honed and mirth turned to disgust,
For my body went to bones and then to dust;
Hence I screamed in wrath and here I came-
Revenge I sought from every lad and dame."

"Dear, miss, please forgive these ignorant souls,
And don't be the one their life you stole!
Be my friend; I'd love to know you,
And I promise I will e'er be true
Forgive us, please, for ignorance-
You truly are of most importance!"

"Sweet child, why be ye oh so kind to me
When I, mad and wild, destroyed obliviously?"

"Because," she said, "You hurt inside
And doing naught could not abide."

Her eyes were set with smiles in place,
And gentle, loving mettle showed upon her face.

A single tear slid down the ghostly cheek-
Her heart was touched by one so young and meek;
"Forgive my wrath I ardent prithee:
I see my acts were done unthinkingly;
I know indeed, that I am culpable,
And all my deeds are undeniable"

The child looked with staggered sympathy-
"No, most ghost, you acted rationally!
I but wish misfortune had avoided you,
And I regret you being very sad and blue."

"Ah, but I have turned contrary-
My heart is no more burned, nor wary!"

Her icy eyes turned toward the sky of blue
As all around flowers bloomed of every hue;
Her arms outstretched from end to end,
And gently by came sweetly cooing wind;
Last, her ruby lips turned up into a smile,
And butterflies came from miles and miles!

She seemed to glow from inward and from out-
No more was she a foe- angry, full of doubt-
Grinning, she gazed happily upon the girl:
"Farewell, for this is never more my world!"
A raffish light burst from in her,
And with a laugh, she disappeared like springtime come from winter.

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  1. Wow! This is so sad and beautiful. I love the happy ending! If only more people could be like that little girl who saw beyond the wrath of the ghost.
    Brilliantly written Skyril! :D *hugs*