Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Live Or Die Trying

Some say that's life's a terminal disease
I cannot say that I agree to that
Life is so much more and so amazing
Just open your eyes and you'll see I'm right

My life has changed in oh so many ways
Since last year, when I was torn and broken
I am now whole and happy and alive
I'm living life to fullest and it's great

Last year I though that life won't have a chance
I thought that I would never feel again
Nothing but the bruises left unhealed
As I look back I wish I would've known

Wish I would've known what the future held
Wish I would've guessed I would be healed
Wish I would've known I wouldn't care
Wish I would've known I'd be alive

Now it looks like everything's a dream
Like it's just far too good to be true
Sometimes I still fear I will awake
Into the living nightmare of the past

But why do I still hate my life back then?
Why does my mind fail to let it go?
Why do I keep picking at the scabs?
Why do I relive the pain again?

I guess this poem's nothing but a rant
My mind keeps wandering away
From the poem I'd have liked to write
Which now is nothing but a faded name

I wish I could've found the words to say
Exactly what had scarred me so last year
But writing it would be living the pain
That even after all this time I fear

This poem turned out to be different
Slightly hypocritical, you could say
Because right now I am not quite living
But dying slowly as I try to see.


  1. ~hugs Red~
    Wow, this is amazing. I liked that poem a lot. I bet it would make a really good song. The whole time I was reading it, I thought it sounded like lyrics :D

  2. *hugs back*
    Thanks (:
    I might make it a song.. I'll try to, at least. I haven't been very good with writing songs lately, they keep getting stuck somewhere... But here I've already got all the lyrics, and seeing how it's only verses, all I need is two different tunes.. so yeah. It /might/ work :>