Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Dove Keeper

Poet's note: This poem is inspired by a really long and really good Frerard fic (a.k.a. one of the hottest gay pairings EVER) called the Dove Keeper. IT WAS SO PERFECT but anyway, I HAVE to write something. Inspiration was from the official "book cover" I suppose; it never really was published outside of livejournal. Link:

There is freedom in art
The wild splash of colours
The layers of paint
On an off white canvas

there is freedom in music
The twang of guitar strings
The singing of a lone voice
The hollow bell rings

There is freedom in dance
The movement of motivation
The swinging of graceful legs
An expression in intepritation

There is freedom in art
There is freedom in music
There is freedom in dance
But is there freedom in love?

Society molds us
But that's what they say
You have to find your own freedom
In your own way

A love of a life
The teacher and student
Trying to stay away
Trying to stay prudent

Accused for loving
Accused for living
A life always wanted
A teacher always giving

A student, teaching
The teacher, learning
All from each other
A freedom in loving

Dreams that are realised
The tears that are cried
The smiles are remembered
The pair never lied.

The teacher, the keeper,
the student, the dove
A relationship, exceptional
A new kind of love.

Their chapter is over,
maybe too soon
But there's always an epilogue
In that small room.

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